Talent Management

Excellence and Leadership in the Public Service

The Client

Our client, one of the very first public institutions in Canada, is a key player in the civil security industry. From the very beginning, this institution has always been dedicated to maintaining the peace, public order and safety, as well as the prevention and eradication of crime. Its members ensure fundamental human rights and protect property, safeguard rights and freedoms, are attentive to the needs of victims, and collaborate with the community. As a national police force, the client’s goal is to support the police community, coordinate large-scale police operations, contribute to the integrity of the governmental institutions and ensure the safety of the transportation networks within its jurisdiction. In addition to this comprehensive list of duties, the institution manages a central intelligence service, which shares sensitive and necessary information with other police forces for the protection and wellbeing of citizens.

The Context

In 2013, following a pressing need for digitization and modernization of the external and internal human resources management and recruitment tools, the Provincial Police – in partnership with a major player in public administration – published a first call for tenders. But in the security industry, which has complex demands for the protection of sensitive data, the customer was unable to find suppliers that could meet their current and future requirements. In 2014, a new call for tenders was submitted to the international community, and after evaluating the complexity of the task and necessary criteria, Cegid was selected. For this citizen protection institution, outsourcing its human resources management hosting system in SaaS mode was a first. Since its inception, the public institution had always carried out this kind of management internally.

The Challenges

Seeing an urgent need for modernization, the Provincial Police force was looking for an efficient and powerful recruitment and staffing system that would be able to comply with the institution’s policies for two very different sectors, yet, of equal value within the organization. In addition, as part of a highly rigorous labour union, it was necessary to respect a number of requirements. First, an online recruitment solution was needed to hire police officers, cadets and civilians. Second, there was also a need to develop a staffing and career tracking system for internal positions. In addition to meeting the necessary technological needs, new procedures were to be reflect the principles of transparency, consistency, fairness, respect of the individual and employment equity.


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