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Clarks is a renowned British shoe manufacturer and retailer founded in 1825, with 1,400 branded stores and franchises around the world. As the world number one in ‘everyday footwear’, they design, innovate, manufacture and sell more than 50 million pairs of shoes every year. Cegid Retail Store Excellence work with Clarks UK, ROI & EMEA in both owned and franchise stores to support store teams with an easy-to-use mobile learning and communication platform. The platform lets Clarks train teams, share key information with stores and drive brand standards.

Creating fun and engaging courses in a matter of minutes

Clarks use Cegid Retail Store Excellence’s training app, Cegid Retail Store Excellence Academy, to create fun and engaging courses that include videos, quizzes and interactive content. They are using the app to train team members on new products and selling initiatives, as well as creating efficient onboarding courses for new starters and temporary staff and embedding health and safety standards in store. Clarks got up and running really quickly with Cegid Retail Store Excellence. Training was simple – and they’re now able to create and publish multi-lesson courses with images, videos and quizzes in under an hour.

All their reporting in one place

Previously, Clarks were using a social engagement platform to communicate with store teams, but it didn’t give them the proper retail operations and communications tools they needed. They could send updates to stores, but had limited visibility of what had been done. They wanted a platform that would allow them to engage and inspire their in-store teams, while also being able to keep a handle on compliance in-store. Cegid Retail Store Excellence’s task management and compliance tools give them integrated, real time reporting, pulling together data from Cegid Retail Store Excellence Academy as well as the core Cegid Retail Store Excellence retail operations platform – giving them a transformational level of visibility of activity across their store operations

Getting new starters up and running quicker

Clarks are using Cegid Retail Store Excellence Academy to onboard new starters and seasonal staff to get them up and running as quickly as possible. Cegid Retail Store Excellence worked closely with Clarks to build a neat and intuitive solution to get team members accessing training on their first shift, whilst still automating the user management centrally so it’s easy to maintain.