Talent Management


CAA Quebec has chosen Cegid.

A perfect fit with our functional training needs.

In order to continue its growth under optimal conditions, CAA-Quebec relies on Cegid’s expertise in talent management, specifically on our Learning Management System (LMS).
France Provencher, Senior Analyst in Information Technology at CAA-Quebec, has kindly agreed to respond to the following questions about our partnership.


Ms. Provencher, what were your organization’s needs prior to implementing Cegid’s LMS solution?

First and foremost, we were looking for a solution that responded to our functional training needs. However, our chosen partner also had to meet a number of additional criteria. We wanted a SaaS-only solution that would comply with our information security requirements. In addition, having the option of a French-language solution was also a priority.


And why did you choose Cegid?

In addition to responding to our primary needs, Cegid has the advantage of being physically present in Canada, especially in Quebec, which helps you better understand our reality. The quality of the Cegid team also influenced our decision. Your reaction time and expertise helped convince us to purchase your products.


Who uses the LMS solution internally at CAA Quebec?

Our training department loads content into the LMS, configures the course settings and builds the assessment tools. The system admins, meanwhile, manage and con gure the solution. In addition, all employees must complete training relevant to their job roles; and all managers must insure proper training and development of their subordinates. Overall, the LMS solution is used by a majority of our employees.


What benefits and changes have you observed since implementing the solution?

Cegid reduces and facilitates our technological maintenance activities, updates, etc. In addition, managing system access has been simplified, allowing all employees to use the solution without any problems. Mastering assessment tools and integrating content is also easier. Navigation is more user-friendly and intuitive; and tracking and follow-up is significantly easier for managers. In short, our training management has become simpler, more intuitive and more accessible.


What challenges have been overcome?

The solution has helped us overcome several challenges. The most important has been our ability to take advantage of Cegid’s TMBI reporting tool. With Cegid’s support, our system admins mastered the process for creating reports in TMBI and then subsequently created report templates which they made available to managers.


What is the current relationship between CAA Quebec and Cegid?

For us, Cegid is a provider that listens. Your team is always available to respond to our requests and to help us evolve the solution within our organization.


How do you see the future of your organization in terms of your HR needs?

We want to continue our relationship with Cegid; and we are considering the possibility of integrating additional solution modules and features. Cegid’s Talent Acquisition and Compensation modules are of particular interest to us. We will also continue working with Cegid specialists to produce annual reports required under the Quebec Act to Promote Workforce Skills Development and Recognition (the “1% Act”).



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