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L’Erbolario: Beauty and Body Care Come Together with Cegid technology

For years, L’Erbolario, a leading phytocosmetics manufacturer established in Lodi in 1978, has partnered with Cegid. Renowned for its innovative spirit, the brand has achieved remarkable success first in Italy, then globally. With plans for exponential growth and an expanding store presence, L’Erbolario is strategically prioritising retail and digital transformation for its future.

From Challenges to Solution: Cegid Retail

To address market shifts and enhance its customers’ shopping experience, L’Erbolario selected Cegid Retail. This decision reflects the brand’s commitment to streamlining internal processes and delivering value-added services to its customers. Giuseppe Sanfilippo, IT Retail Application Manager at L’Erbolario, discusses the partnership in a video interview.

An International Success and the will to Innovate. Always.

Our unwavering pursuit of excellence is increasingly focused on the shopping experience. We have devoted much of our attention to choosing the most appropriate IT solution for our needs, one that could accompany us as we develop across Italy and abroad. The decision to choose Cegid is motivated by the versatility and ease of use of the solution, which allows us to engage with customers as they shop in an interactive, straightforward and personalised way

Andrea Prange


This is supported by the statement made by Sylvain Jauze, International Operations Director of Cegid, who claims: “The partnership with L’Erbolario is a tangible sign of how our solutions are devised to support and accommodate the needs of companies who are strongly committed to innovation and change. The success of a retail brand lies not only in its ability to manage products, orders and stores, but also in its ability to deliver memorable shopping experiences. Our solutions are designed specifically to achieve all this”.

View the video interview featuring L’Erbolario’s IT Retail Application Manager to learn more about the brands partnership with Cegid.

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