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Aquazzura selects Cegid Retail to step-up the digital and omnichannel transformation of its stores

Aquazzura, the famous Italian luxury footwear brand, has selected the Cegid Retail unified commerce and POS platform to manage its stores in Italy and worldwide.

Supporting international growth while maintaining the same omnichannel experience

The brand was founded in Florence in 2011 by Edgardo Osorio, a Colombian designer who grew up between Miami and London. After gaining valuable experience in renowned fashion houses, aged just 25, he decided to pursue his passion by launching his own brand, Aquazurra, with 100% Italian-made collections and retail openings.

With its sophisticated and modern style characterised by an unrivalled craftsmanship, Aquazurra has focused its growth on store expansion: in 2014, the company opened its first store in Florence, Italy, which was followed by a second opening in London in 2015. In 2016, the brand expanded into the United States with stores in New York, Miami and Las Vegas, while also launching

To date, the brand has 11 stores located in Italy, France, the UK, the Middle East and the US.



To support this international growth, Aquazurra required a global software partner with solid expertise in luxury retail, as well as in regulatory and tax compliance, and a great ability to standardise the customer experience across different stores and channels. The brand was looking for a best-in-class solution offering a wealth of features and all the advantages of SaaS. The goal was also to arm sales associates with mobile devices to help customers find the most suitable products and benefit from technology that personalises service and ranges appropriate for each store, region and country.

“For Aquazzura the change has been substantial from a business standpoint. Thanks to Cegid Retail, we’ve been able to implement a true omnichannel strategy to respond to today’s challenges, while from a technical standpoint it has allowed significant savings on maintenance costs, and the peace of mind of having a system that’s always up to date”


Physical stores, ever-more essential

The in-store experience has always been one of the brand’s key assets. Now more than ever, the experience needs to be personalised, transforming it into one of the cornerstones of loyalty. Along with specialist services (in-store appointments, personalised appointments), real-time inventory is one of the most important areas, since it allows our store staff to immediately reserve the desired product and send it directly to the customer.


Mobile POS, a strategic choice for the customer experience

“In an increasingly dynamic market where luxury customers are more digitally connected and have high expectations, it is crucial for luxury retailers to have relevant and personalised interactions with their customers at every touch point.” says Caterina Tsigara, Retail Director Aquazzura.

Aquazzura will provide sales associates with mobile devices with the aim of helping customers find the most suitable product, while following a sales ceremony adapted to each store, region and Country.

Continuous innovations

Pietro De Simone, IT Manager at Aquazzura, emphasises that luxury retailers in particular, need to focus on brand loyalty and to make the shopping experience as personalised as possible. Technology is a remarkable resource in managing relationships with luxury customers and in providing services to foster loyalty. Store staff are increasingly reliant on tools that offer omnichannel services like in-store appointments, click& reserve in-store, click & collect, return in store, not to mention reliable stock information that allows staff to instantly reserve products and send them directly to the customer using ship from store services.

“We’ve had to adapt and undergo quite a lot of change, but thanks to Cegid Retail, we’ve been able to implement a truly omnichannel strategy and respond to today’s challenges,” said Simone.

The company said it chose Cegid because of its international credentials and expertise in luxury retail, as well as the need for regulatory and tax compliance for operating in different countries. Aquazzura is available at over 300 luxury retailers in 58 countries and has own-brand boutiques in Florence, London, New York, Miami, Doha, Dubai, Milan, Rome, São Paulo, Capri and soon in Venice. It preferred the flexibility of a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) cloud-based retail solution with the option of adding multiple features in the future. “Having a cloud system means we can save a lot on maintenance costs and have the peace of mind that the software is always up to date”, concludes Simone.

About Aquazzura

Exuding a modern, alluring elegance, Aquazzura’s footwear collections have become instantly iconic since their debut in 2011. Exquisitely handmade in Italy with a particular focus on comfort and wearability, Edgardo Osorio’s creations combine luxury and craftsmanship with an innovative design, sophisticated embellishments, and vibrant colour palettes. From the signature seasonal collections to exclusive collaborations and bespoke creations, Aquazzura shoes can be seen on the feet of trendsetters, Hollywood stars, European royalty and fashion insiders all around the globe. Aquazzura’s collections are now available at over 300 top retailers in 58 countries, online at, and at flagship boutiques in Florence, London, New York, Miami, Doha, Dubai, Milan, São Paulo, and Capri.

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