Talent Management

Afpa customises its training programmes to improve their learners’ experience


Afpa is the French national agency for professional training. With over 200 qualifying training programmes, the agency has innovated its training approach by personalising the learner experience for 150,000 trainees.


  • Accompany trainees in their certified training programmes.
  • Offer targeted programmes to guide potential trainees as best as possible upon their first visit to the afpa.fr website.
  • Easily orient learners towards a training or on the job certification (Validation of the Acquired Experience).
  • Adapt training programmes to individual competencie.


  • Positive user feedback on new training programmes.
  • Nearly 20 times more training sessions aiming to identify job competencies than in 2015.
  • Better support and service especially for remote users in overseas France and abroad
  • Afpa’s brand image improved thanks to a stronger digital identity.
  • Seamless integration between the Afpa website and the Cegid Talentsoft LMS/LCMS solution.

The automatic customisation of training and assessments, as well as the Cegid Talentsoft LMS/LCMS integration with our website, offers our learners a positive and rewarding experience. By improving their approach to training, we’ve increased their loyalty and satisfaction.