Tracking Down the Elusive Unicorn

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Talent Management

08 March 2019

Building the perfect business is no easy task. To achieve growth and success, you’ll need more than a solid business strategy, but an exceptional team to help breathe life into it. Chances are, HR departments have already painted the portrait of the ever-elusive perfect candidate – the Unicorn who somehow seems to not exist. Fortunately, they do, but you’ll have to graze in different fields to attract them: they’re fleet of foot and tremendously difficult to catch.

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Text Version :

A Unicorn:

  • Is a secret weapon
  • Has an arsenal of Skills
  • Has natural talent
  • Has serious drive and ambition
  • Is a natural-born Leader


…All of this combines to make an A-List, all-star employee!


The Problem?

Most Unicorns are already happily engaged in work they love and not actively looking for new positions.

So, how do we recruit one?

  • Think outside the box
  • No superpowers needed
  • Must be attracted.
  • Just use a few good tactics

How to Attract a Unicorn:

  • Have an awesome work environment (flexible schedule, wellbeing initiatives)
  • Have a clear corporate mission
  • Enhance your Employer Brand
  • Be a thought leader in your industry
  • Have original and compelling content
  • Network, Network, Network (seminars, workshops, key note addresses)
  • Monitor your Applicant Tracking System for profiles that may have been overlooked


Retaining Your Unicorn

  • Foster development
  • Be open-minded to new ideas
  • Have open-door communication policies
  • Conduct “stay” interviews
  • Rewards and Benefits
  • Competitive remuneration

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