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From Paper Checks to Digital Clarity: Tracking Compliance With Cegid Retail Store Excellence

30 October 2023

From Paper Checks to Digital Clarity: Tracking Compliance With Cegid Retail Store Excellence
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Cegid Retail Store Excellence revolutionises retail audits, replacing manual checks with digitised efficiency. Its customisable checklists and standardised processes streamline health and safety audits across stores, ensuring compliance and boosting operational standards. The platform's simplicity empowers store teams, while critical check notifications and structured data collection enhance proactive management. Embrace the future of retail excellence with Cegid.

Store audits have the power to transform in-store execution, enhance customer experiences, and boost sales performance. But today, ensuring compliance with policies and standards is more crucial than ever for the safety of both teams and customers. So, if your current method involves manual paper checks for health and safety audits, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Enter Cegid Retail Store Excellence, the ultimate solution for retail task management, offering unparalleled checks and audits functionality. Leave uncertainty and administrative hassles in the past, and adopt a new era of streamlined, digitised checks that guarantee compliance across all your stores.


Creating Standardised Processes

One of the key features that sets Cegid Retail Store Excellence apart is its ability to create standardised processes. With customisable checklists, you can support repeated checks across all your stores, from opening and closing walkthroughs to essential health and safety audits. Schedule your checklists to ensure they are completed within the required timeframe, providing a systematic and efficient approach to store audits.


Straightforward for Store Teams

Digitised checks have revolutionised the way audits are conducted. Cegid Retail Store Excellence makes the process quick and easy for store teams. Tasks, photos, and comments can be effortlessly added, providing valuable feedback to stores. The platform’s reporting capabilities on compliance and exceptions instil confidence that all your stores are completing their checks promptly. Should any exceptions arise, you can swiftly manage them, ensuring a seamless and error-free audit process.


Manage Critical Checks

Certain checks are non-negotiable. With Cegid Retail Store Excellence, mark critical checks during setup and receive instant notifications if a store fails to meet compliance standards. This proactive approach allows you to stay on top of your compliance requirements, leaving no room for oversights that could compromise safety or operational standards.


Collate Structured Data from Stores

Gathering structured data from stores has never been more straightforward. Cegid Retail Store Excellence introduces Forms, allowing you to collect repeated, structured data with ease. Schedule forms daily, weekly, monthly, or on an ad-hoc basis, reminding stores to submit responses promptly. This feature ensures that you have access to the necessary information when you need it, facilitating informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

In the dynamic world of retail, where adherence to standards is paramount, Cegid Retail Store Excellence emerges as the unrivalled choice for task management and store audits. Elevate your retail operations, enhance compliance, and ensure a superior customer experience with this cutting-edge platform. Don’t let outdated processes hold you back—digitize your checks today and experience the future of retail excellence.

Ready to transform your retail operations? Embrace the power of Cegid Retail Store Excellence for streamlined store audits and unparalleled task management. Visit Cegid Retail Store Excellence to learn more and take your retail operations to new heights.

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