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The Ultimate Marketing Guide to Your Recruitment Needs in 3 easy steps

18 January 2019

2 min
Let's be realistic. Like any expanding business, you're constantly seeking new talent to complete your teams. At the same time, and despite your efforts and involvement, some employees leave to embark on new adventures. As such, you need to replace them as soon as possible, which means your recruitment efforts must be optimized. To invest in a Careers page for your website is an absolute most, but what strategy should you use so that the overall recruitment campaign kickstarts with success? A marketing strategy, of course!

An Ultra-Personalized Presentation

Identify the profiles you want to address. Do they belong to Generation Y or do they target an older age group? Marketing professionals would explain that you should tailor your presentation according to your target. To do this, they would use “personas” that serve as a prototype and that help you choose the forms of communication, language elements, and distribution channels. One size does not fit all! Your website’s Careers, Employment, orRecruitmentpage should be part of this approach. Define whose attention you’d like to catch by using relevant information. Moreover, research the social platforms most used by your targeted profiles to establish your online presence and ask your managers and employees to support you in requesting applications on those networks. You’ll achieve maximum efficiency with this method!


Analyze And Optimize The Candidate Route

At a point of sale or in an online store, marketing professionals are constantly analyzing the “customer journey”. This journey follows the customer through the different stages that lead them to the act of converting. Using this knowledge, you can improve a site’s user-friendliness and adapt access to key information to maximize a candidate’s enthusiasm. Your recruitment strategy should be guided by the same principles as those from the “customer journey”. To attract as many profiles as possible, identify and remove the bumps that could make a potential applicant walk away from your offer.


Being Present in The Right Places

The list of platforms where you can post your job offers is endless. There are general and specialized sites, professional associations, social media, job aggregators, PPCs (Pay Per Click), radio and printed ads, and the list goes on. Considering that you don’t have the time or the financial means to use all these channels, a marketing professional would recommend identifying the most relevant traffic sources in relation to your identified targets, and to use them consistently while measuring their results. In short, to be remarkably efficient, adopt a pragmatic approach based on the return on investment.

If you’re wondering how you can integrate these marketing practices into your recruitment strategy, then Cegid’sTalent Management Suite is the platform you need. With it, you’ll get a complete picture, allowing you to visualize your different distribution channels, offers, and profile pools. With Cegid’sTalent Management Suite, these numerous indicators will continuously enhance your approach.

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