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The Three Biggest Challenges for HR in the Age of Coronavirus

2 November 2020

2 min
HR departments have a major role to play in supporting companies in their "new normal". To foster resilience and restore commitment and performance, they can rely on Cegid Talent solutions.

At a time when tens of thousands of companies have been brought to a standstill by the slowdown caused by the confinement, the workload of the human resources department has paradoxically increased. Faced with the severity of the crisis, their role has become pivotal. Having managed the emergency measures and adjusted working methods, they are now on the front line in organizing the resumption of activities. The crisis, however, has called existing models into question: forcing them to help organizations adapt to a “new normal”. How can they do this? By taking the following issues into account:

  • Because the world has become more uncertain than ever, they must first ensure the resilience of the company and oversee business continuity. It is a question of ensuring health and safety in the workplace, but also the link between employees. And, of course, to ensure that managers are in a position to lead their teams, even remotely. For some of them, this implies a profound change in their habits, and support.
  • HR must then encourage employee engagement by enabling them to regain confidence. Being transparent about the situation, being truthful, showing empathy, communicating on the smallest of victories – even a modest one – will help create a virtuous circle. It is also a time to reflect, if you haven’t already done so, on the company’s raison d’être in a different context.
  • Finally, it is a question of creating the conditions for performance, to enable a sustainable recovery in value. This involves redefining and taking stock of critical skills. Is it necessary to recruit? Or are these future recruits available internally? Mobility would be based upon the training that is likely to develop employees’ skills.

Cegid Talent is dedicated to helping HR managers meet these new challenges. At the cutting edge of HR technologies, helping our 4,900+ clients around the world overcome crises is our mission. That’s why we have made their need for commitment, simplicity and resilience our core values.

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