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The Ins and Outs of Work: Season 2

26 July 2021

2 min

It’s summertime, time to brush up on some HR fundamentals!

Our podcast, The Ins and Outs of Work, got a little make-over during our two-week break.

In this second season, we’ll feature a part 1 and a part 2 each week. Yep, that’s 2 episodes a week.

They’ll be short, sharp episodes each (10 min max) that will revisit 6 HR fundamentals. Together, they’ll take you step-by-step through the full employee lifecycle.

The fundamentals of HR

6 fundamental HR topics over the next 6 weeks. That’s 12 short, practical episodes that will give you fresh vision and motivation for the return to work after summer.

Our HR ‘insider’ (Neelie Verlinden) and ‘outsider’ (Joe Sweeney) will be covering everything from:

We’re covering the full employee lifecycle in 12 short episodes to give you a holistic overview of the fundamentals of HR in 2021!

What to expect for each episode

Each week we’ll cover one topic in 6 segments:

  • Defining the thing – let’s get everyone on the same page and start by defining the topic at hand
  • Did you know – we’ll share a quick history of the subject or some fun facts.
  • Outsider ‘Outpouring – 30 seconds from Joe, our HR ‘outsider’ to give an outsider’s perspective on this topic
  • Myths debunked – Time to change how you think about certain topics! We’ll debunk some of the most common myths for you
  • Insider Action – featuring a step-by-step plan or actionable tips
  • Storytime – we’ll share our favorite example of what success looks like, or of someone doing this in an innovative way

Each episode will be highly researched, with access to source links in the show notes.

The first episode airs on August 2

Whether you’re by the pool this summer, or working on through, this second season of The Ins and Outs of Work will cut out the fluff and give you a short, punchy, practical, ‘how-to’ look at 6 HR fundamentals.

You can expect new episodes every Monday and Thursday!

Our next episode, “How To Do Employee Onboarding” airs next Monday, August 16th.

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