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The cost of failed recruitment

1 October 2020

2 min
Not only does the early departure of a new recruit create disorganization amongst teams, it is also quite expensive. A tailored HR solution can help reduce that risk... and the bill.

On average, one out of every two hires end up leaving companies before their 18-month employment mark. This means frequent failures, with significant consequences: 45,000 to 100,000 dollars -depending on the position and the time spent- according to the estimates of recruitment, which combine salary costs, recruitment and training costs and the possible cost of dismissal. All of this before counting the potentially missed contracts, the disorganization of services and the damage to the company’s image abroad. How do we limit these risks? With a solution like the Cegid Talent Plug & Play Edition, ensuring the relevance of recruitment and improving candidate tracking is no longer only associated with expensive and complex systems. Better targeted ads, identifying a pool, improving candidate selection and tracking, and formalizing the onboarding of new recruits becomes simple and accessible. It takes only a few weeks to set up and benefit from efficient recruitment features that are ready for use:

  • Automated candidate pre-selection
  • Application approval workflow, for visibility of offers throughout the organization.
  • Interview management, including the ability for candidates to select their own interview slot from available schedules.
  • Customized web space for candidates to track their applications.
  • Customized management of questions specific to job requirements
  • Manage internal applications so that your employees can take advantage of the best opportunities within the organization.

With our candidate tracking system, the Cegid Talent Plug and Play Edition offers a unique candidate experience, facilitates fast resume uploads from mobile platforms, as well as the ability to share your ads.

You save time for filtering and sourcing, making your teams more available for interviews.

Find out how to optimize your recruitment processes with a modern talent management solution designed to adapt to your industry’s best practices.

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