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Talentsoft and Fireside: Attracting Female Talent for Growth

15 March 2021

3 min

As a fast-growing HR Tech company in a competitive talent marketplace, Talentsoft is constantly looking for innovative ways to attract and retain the best talent to grow as a company. Recently we’ve partnered with Fireside, the first solutions-based platform for gender balance in the workplace in Europe, to help increase our visibility among women and attract female talent from inside and outside the tech industry.

Partnering with Fireside has allowed us to make our available jobs and opportunities visible to women from inside and outside the industry and attract them to positions that are typically challenging to fill with female talent.

Séverine Blum – Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Director

Attract and retain female talent

One of our goals is to increase the visibility of Talentsoft as a great company to work for, especially for female job seekers. Participating in Fireside events is a way for us to meet women, with or without a tech background, and introduce them to Talentsoft, our company culture, and open opportunities.

Improve the candidate experience

Candidate experience is defined as the perception of a job seeker about an employer, based on the interaction during the whole recruitment process. This includes all points of contact during the recruitment process – job search, application process, interview process, and onboarding.

– Toolbox HR.

In order to improve the candidate experience for women it’s crucial to think through and reevaluate the candidate experience of your company. What’s the experience like today? What needs to change? What could we do better to create a more inclusive and equitable environment? As far as candidate experience goes, this more tailored and informal start to a potential hiring process has been a key improvement.

How Fireside has helped

Partnering with Talentsoft opens up our network of women to tech jobs and opportunities in a tech company. It allows women to ask their questions directly to the hiring company and apply without going through the traditional recruitment process. It is a unique and innovative way for women who do not necessarily have a network in the industry to learn about opportunities in tech companies.

Antoinet Van Dalen – Founding President at Fireside

By participating in Fireside’s events such as Women in Tech Jobs* and You Can Code**, we’ve gained visibility among a network of female job seekers, students and women interested in Tech who may not have known about or considered applying to Talentsoft. These events are also an opportunity for us to proudly showcase the women already working in great tech positions at Talentsoft, and position them as role models for others.

*Women in Tech Jobs is an event that aims to introduce women to Tech jobs and help companies attract female talent. During the event, women working in tech companies present their jobs and opportunities within their company to a forum of female job seekers, students, and women interested in the Tech industry.

**You Can Code is an event that aims to introduce women to programming and coding. It puts forward women in tech, programming schools, and job opportunities.

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