Talent Management

Secrets To Smart Recruiting

18 January 2019

2 min
You’ve understood for some time that your business's primary asset is your team. Drawing in the right talent, as well as establishing and maintaining contact with them is essential! Unfortunately, talent is poorly managed all too often and this issue stems from a lack of support and a failure to identify needs.

Unemployment rates are the lowest in history not even reaching over 5.9% in September 2018, talent is scarce. Time is just as crucial for the profitability of your business as are the resources dedicated to detecting qualified candidates, drawing them in, and retaining them. Streaming your recruitment policy and methods is an effective and necessary tactic.


Saving Time in Ads Management

Your staff changes,develops, and evolves along with your business, depending on your clients’ demands and your competitive environment. In other words, to avoid any potential chaos, you’ll need a continuous recruitment process. To ensure it’s an effective one, you’ll need to regularly reassert your presence on the platforms utilized by applicants. Your job offers must be clear, inspiring, and exciting. In this sense, it’s vital that you demonstrate your values, your CSR commitments, and your concern for the well-being of your teams.


Investing in the Right Media

Generations Y and Z have turned communication on its head. Everything is in the digital age. So, to maximize your recruitment, make sure you’re on the platforms that applicants visit. Doing so will prevent you from investing in media that don’t match the talent you’re looking for. You must constantly measure your offers’ effectiveness. Focus on their visibility like a Marketing Director monitoring the quality of their business contacts made through marketing activities.


A Comprehensive Solution!

To make your recruitment policy effective and to ensure its suitability and effectiveness in a timely manner, you need a one-stop solution that provides a cross-functional view of all your initiatives: RITA Sourcing. This solution is an integral part of Cegid’s Talent Management suite. It delivers all the key indicators you need in real time:

  • Cutting-edge mobile technology (responsive/responsive)
  • Searchengine on all pages
  • Job feed filtered by target groups
  • Features that make searching easier for the candidate and encourage exploration
  • Suggestions for suitable positions
  • SEO – optimized for search engines


A tailored, assertive, intuitive, and user-friendly solution to identify, attract, and support talent with precision.

In addition, Cegid’s Talent Management Suite is not limited to Cegid’s RITA Sourcing. By integrating Cegid’s Talent Acquisition, which is dedicated to standardizing the candidate experience, and by introducing Onboarding to facilitate the integration of new employees into the company, Cegid’s Talent Management Suite offers you a comprehensive talent management solution!

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