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Seamless Store Visits with Cegid Retail Store Excellence

16 October 2023

Seamless Store Visits with Cegid Retail Store Excellence
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Explore a retail revolution with Cegid Retail Store Excellence, optimising store visits for unparalleled operational efficiency. From templated reviews ensuring consistency to offline functionality for on-the-go tasks, and predictive tasking for time-saving excellence, this solution redefines in-store execution. In-depth reporting delivers comprehensive insights, empowering field and head office teams. Area Managers can navigate dynamic schedules effortlessly, ensuring high standards across diverse stores. Say goodbye to challenges and embrace the streamlined, tech-savvy experience that Cegid Retail Store Excellence brings, marking the next step towards consistent retail excellence.

Step into the forefront of retail innovation, where the transformative influence of store visits takes the spotlight. In the dynamic realm of retail operations, these visits transcend mere inspections, emerging as a strategic imperative for operational excellence. Offering a gateway to identify presentation inconsistencies, address operational challenges, and instill healthy competition among stores, these visits are pivotal for achieving stellar in-store execution.

A store visit provides the opportunity to:

  • Identify and remedy inconsistencies in store presentation, visual merchandising, and brand compliance.
  • Identify store-level problems, such as maintenance and operational issues.
  • Close the loop on task management, ensuring previous tasks and actions have been completed.
  • Uncover best practices to share with other areas/stores.
  • Highlight potentially bad or “poor” practices to look out for in other areas/stores.
  • Embed new in-store processes and procedures.
  • Provide a framework to evaluate financial metrics, KPIs, and team performance.
  • Reinforce and build relationships with your most important asset – your store managers and associates.
  • Foster a positive sense of competition amongst stores.
  • Identify training needs and much, much more.

For those in the retail ops world, spending quality time with store managers and staff is the golden ticket for stellar in-store execution. Yet, Area Managers face the challenge of juggling time between stores, each with its unique needs. Bouncing between 4 to 6 stores in a typical week, their schedule resembles a whirlwind. The road becomes their second home, and maintaining high standards in such a dynamic environment is a friendly challenge, to say the least.

Cegid Retail Store Excellence brings together all the tools an Area Manager needs to complete a store visit in one easy-to-use app, with reporting that integrates into Cegid Retail Store Excellence for both Field and Head Office teams.


Templated Reviews: Say goodbye to inconsistency

Cegid Retail Store Excellence offers templated reviews, empowering field teams to deliver uniform feedback across all their stores. Adding tasks to review items, uploading store photos, and easy follow-ups become a breeze. The flexibility in template setup allows for different structures, weightings, and question styles to suit the unique needs of each store.


Works Offline: No more connectivity woes

Whether you’re navigating the stockroom or on the move between stores, Cegid Retail Store Excellence works offline. Field teams can seamlessly complete their checks even without an internet connection, ensuring that crucial tasks are accomplished regardless of location.


Predictive Tasking: Why repeat the same feedback?

Cegid Retail Store Excellence introduces predictive tasking, allowing field team members to choose from previously submitted tasks. This time-saving feature ensures efficiency during in-store visits, letting teams focus on what truly matters.


In-depth Reporting: The journey doesn’t end with the store visit

Cegid Retail Store Excellence automatically generates a comprehensive store visit report, seamlessly adding it to Cegid Retail Store Excellence. Head Office teams gain access to detailed insights into store-level operational metrics, providing a holistic view at both store and field team levels.

With Cegid Retail Store Excellence, the store visit process evolves into a streamlined, efficient, and tech-savvy experience, ensuring that Area Managers can navigate their demanding schedules with ease. Say goodbye to the challenges of maintaining high standards across diverse stores and embrace the streamlined experience that Cegid Retail Store Excellence offers.

Take the next step in revolutionising your store operations. Explore more about Cegid Retail Store Excellence and discover how Cegid Retail Store Excellence can empower your team to deliver exceptional in-store experiences consistently. Your journey towards retail excellence begins here – seize the opportunity today!

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