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Recruitment : 5 reasons why you should choose Cegid to optimise your talent acquisition strategy

27 March 2023

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The competition for talent is intensifying, recruitment periods are getting longer, new skills need to be acquired, jobs are evolving rapidly… Recruiters are facing new challenges and constantly have to adapt their methods to identify and attract the best talents. According to a study conducted by Pôle Emploi (the French employment agency), more than 58% of recruitment projects are considered complex by employers and therefore over one job offer in two is difficult to fill. Here are five reasons to choose Cegid to overcome these hardships, optimise your talent acquisition strategy and recruit more effectively.

Reason #1: attracting potential candidates 

The best talents are not always candidates. It is estimated that 57% of people looking for employment are passive candidates who do not directly contact their potential employers. They therefore have to be identified and contacted by the recruiters themselves, especially via professional social networks. 

Because talents are becoming scarce, it is also necessary to multiply recruitment channels by involving all of the company’s employees. This is why Cegid provides you with a mobile app for gamified cooptation in order for everyone to earn rewards when they help recruit a business contact. Because internal mobility is also a decisive lever in skills acquisition and development, an app serving this purpose has also been created and allows you to identify the best talents within your own teams. Finally, because it is sometimes useful to call in recruitment expert agencies, an Agency portal has been added to Cegid Talentsoft to allow you to follow your externalised recruitment processes. 


Reason #2: engaging talents 

Each candidate is unique and must therefore benefit from a personalised treatment during the recruitment process. This is a particularly strategic goal in terms of employer branding, but difficult to achieve without a high-performance management tool. This is why Cegid Talentsoft enables you to accurately profile each candidate by integrating their skills and qualifications as well as their aspirations. This is a decisive way to identify the best talent for each position. 


Reason #3: selecting talents 

Artificial intelligence is gradually transforming the job of recruiter and now enables HR specialists to better detect the skills they need while optimising their productivity. By partially automating the sourcing process, Cegid’s solutions allow you to focus on higher added value tasks such as interviews and soft skills analysis. According to a study conducted by Deloitte, 22% of the best performing companies automate part of their recruitment process, against only 6% of the worst performing organisations. 


Reason #4: for a better candidate experience 

 The candidate experience has become a key talent metric and an industry benchmark. The current apps continue to build on the evolution of technology and invest in quick application features and virtual assistants. In addition, to improve engagement and recruitment operations, many vendors have added onboarding tools upon selection completion.  

 To find out more, read our Onboarding eBook now. 


Reason #5: for a data-driven recruitment 

Optimising your recruitment processes requires relevant data in order to evaluate their performance and identify any potential weakness. Thanks to the analytics integrated in Cegid Talentsoft solutions, you can thus monitor specific KPIs in dashboards which you can customise according to your strategy: recruitment time, number of applications processed, etc. Data-driven recruitment also enables you to optimise the selection of candidates: based on matching algorithms, Cegid Talentsoft helps you select the most qualified candidates but also those most likely to be ready to join your company. 


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