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Power and simplicity: the new Plug & Play edition of Cegid Talent accelerates your projects

1 October 2020

2 min
Because its three modules dedicated to recruitment, training and performance are pre-configured on the Cloud, Cegid Talent’s Plug & Play edition is the perfect solution for companies that want to equip themselves without a complex implementation or heavy investment. It meets the requirements of HR departments that favor speed and simplicity in carrying out their projects.

A mobile app? One click, thirty seconds, it works… And no one would imagine doing otherwise. So why does it seem that the integration of an app in the professional world is still stuck in the same cumbersome installation and implementation process as twenty years ago? That page is turning. With the new Plug & Play edition of Cegid Talent, companies looking to renew or extend their talent management solution can look forward to the same simplicity – more or less – that they have come to expect from Cegid Talent.

The Plug & Play edition of Cegid Talent has all the power of the software suite you know in the Cloud, with simplified deployment of the modules you need. Three have been specifically preconfigured: for recruitment (Applicant Tracking System), continuous training (Learning Management System) and performance monitoring. Each one offers a standard configuration, based on HR best practices we have been observing with our customers for over 20 years. It only takes a few weeks to deploy securely, without disrupting operations. Subsequent updates and additions of options are just as easy.

As we all know, HR departments have been put to the test over the last few months. The massive reliance on working from home has forced them to accelerate their digitization in order to remain responsive and keep the threat of service interruption at bay. They need to be able to ensure the well-being of sometimes isolated employees and help fragmented teams progress, all with reliable indicators of good operational performance. But without feeling trapped by an inflexible offer, discovering the unpleasant surprise of cascading delays or hidden consulting fees.

In combining efficiency, security, and simplicity, Cegid Talent’s Plug & Play modules for recruitment, training, and performance management make you more agile. Not to mention the flexible pricing. Cegid gives you the means to support changes in your organization while strengthening employee engagement.

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