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Perfect Peak Planning with Cegid Retail Store Excellence

10 August 2023

Perfect Peak Planning with Cegid Retail Store Excellence
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Cegid Retail Store Excellence offers solutions for successful peak season planning in retail. It provides tools for efficient Area Manager visits, weather-proofing operations, managing store opening hours, motivating store staff, and enhancing visual merchandising. Embrace streamlined retail operations and sleigh your way to peak season triumph with Cegid.

‘Tis the season of retail, and though the peak season may not have arrived just yet, we know that perfect peak planning is the key to success. Picture this: a retail wonderland where you not only survive the peak planning madness but thrive like never before! At Cegid, we’re all too familiar with the challenges that come with managing the festive frenzy. But fret not, for we bring tidings of retail joy – Cegid Retail Store Excellence, the ultimate solution to navigate the chaos and sleigh your way through peak planning madness!

Our customers use Cegid Retail Store Excellence to navigate common obstacles retailers face at this time of year, including new footfall-driving initiatives, last-minute VM changes, unplanned reactive trade promotions and extreme weather events. Here are Cegid’s top tips for successful peak planning.


Unwrap success with your Area Manager visits

Area Managers, get ready to dazzle like twinkling lights on a Christmas tree! Cegid Retail Store Excellence is your secret to unwrapping success with stellar store visits. Craft tailor-made peak season planning checklists and store review templates, ensuring that your visits run like the precision clockwork of Santa’s workshop. Bid farewell to email clutter and manual checklists and say hello to efficient Area Manager visits that leave your team glowing with cheer!

In Cegid Retail Store Excellence, all the tools an Area Manager needs are wrapped up in one easy-to-use app, complete with reporting that seamlessly integrates with both Field and Head Office teams. With real-time insights at your fingertips, you’ll be dashing through your to-do list and delighting your stores with efficient guidance.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow – weather-proof your retail

As the snowflakes start to fall, it’s time to weather-proof your retail operations for any frosty challenges ahead. Are your staff, including holiday temps, up to speed on what to do if it snows or if the entrance becomes an ice rink? Do all stores have the same policy towards extreme weather or does each store have unique risks? Who is responsible for making sure customers and staff are safe?

With Cegid Retail Store Excellence, you can brave the storm! Empower your staff to handle extreme weather conditions with ease and grace. Ensure safety compliance and localised health policies are firmly in place, so you can confidently navigate any retail snowstorm that comes your way. With streamlined weather preparedness, you’ll be well-equipped to handle unexpected twists and turns during the peak season, keeping both customers and staff merry and bright.


Jingle Bell Rock your store opening hours

When it comes to managing store opening hours during the peak season, let Cegid Retail Store Excellence be your guiding star. Say goodbye to the headaches that haunt your retail dreams each year! With the bank holiday and weekend trading rules, coupled with local high street and shopping centre opening hours, there can be havoc with staffing and customer expectations. Say goodbye to all this confusion (and your resting Grinch face!) with Cegid Retail Store Excellence Store Database which provides a single source of store data, accessible to all head office, field and store users.

With the festive power of Cegid Retail Store Excellence, you can effortlessly manage schedules, avoid staffing conflicts, and exceed customer expectations. No more restless nights – just smooth store operations and satisfied customers!


Santa-size incentives for motivated store staff

The magic of the peak season comes alive with motivated store teams, and Cegid Retail Store Excellence is here to sprinkle that extra dose of holiday cheer. Create a merry communications plan that keeps your staff motivated throughout the peak season, inspiring them to deliver top-notch performances.

Use the platform’s survey tools to check the pulse of your team’s motivation and spread joy by fostering a collaborative space to share ideas and celebrate retail victories. Cegid Retail Store Excellence creates a collaborative space where teams can share ideas, celebrate colleagues’ hard work and connect with the wider business. Put community and culture at the heart of everything you do and give teams the retail employee engagement tools they need to identify with your brand.


Light up your stores with Visual Merchandising magic

Amidst the glitter and glow of the holiday season, it’s time to deliver visual merchandising magic that will leave your customers enchanted. With Cegid Retail Store Excellence as your guiding star, transform your stores into shimmering winter wonderlands, captivating customers and turning shopping into an enchanting experience.

Improve brand standards across your entire store portfolio and gain a transformational level of visibility with Cegid Retail Store Excellence’s tools for visual merchandising execution and brand compliance. Cegid Retail Store Excellence makes it easy to communicate visual merchandising updates to stores, and to engage store teams with brand presentation. The platform gives you the tools you need to manage down rework time, so you can be sure your stores are perfect, faster. From eye-catching displays to whimsical decorations, let your stores shine with visual merchandising excellence that’ll leave a fa-la-la-lasting impression.

Embrace the magic of streamlined retail operations, efficient Area Manager visits, weather-proof preparedness, and employee motivation with Cegid Retail Store Excellence. Unwrap the gift of retail excellence and sleigh your way to peak season triumph. Discover how Cegid Retail Store Excellence can transform your retail game and set your sights on retail success this peak season. Happy retailing, and may your profits be merry and bright!

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