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The Ins and Outs of Work: The HR and Future of Work Podcast for Everyone

15 July 2021

3 min

The Ins and Outs of Work is Talentsoft’s HR and Future of Work podcast for HR for everyone – professionals who know their stuff, managers in organizations big and small, or inquisitive employees who just have an interest in how the world of work is changing!

Episode 18 – Defining the ‘Anticipatory’ Organization & Trends in HR Software

with Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer @ Sapient Insights

In this episode, we take a closer look at the term ‘anticipatory organizations’ – what does it mean?

Essentially, technology-driven change is only accelerating, but businesses and HR teams need to realize that moving fast in the wrong direction is not the answer. Perhaps agility (a very common term in HR today) needs to be combined with an ability to ‘anticipate’ future trends and changes before they happen – hence the term ‘anticipatory’.

To give her views on this topic, we were joined by Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer, and a Managing Partner for Sapient Insights Group (a Research and Consulting firm focused on helping clients use data and insights to achieve organizational outcomes).

Episode 17 – How to do Remote Hiring in 2021

with Sanjoe Jose, CEO @ Talview

Remote hiring in no longer just a second option or an urgent ‘stop-gap’ to put in place during a global pandemic when face-to-face is not possible!

Our guest in this week’s episode is a big believer in remote hiring and he shared a compelling vision of the benefits for individuals, recruiters and organizatons going forward.

Episode 16 – The ‘Work from Anywhere’ Movement

with Raj Choudhury, Associate Professor @ Harvard Business School

2020 saw the huge majority of the world’s knowledge workers go full-remote. And even if many are back in the office now (in some capacity), remote work is here to stay. In the same vein as remote work, but taking a slightly different angle on it, is the ‘Work from Anywhere’ movement.

It’s a topic our guest has been studying for many years, long before the Covid-19 pandemic forced many more of us into virtual work.

Season 2 coming August 2

The ‘How To’ Fundamentals

We’re taking a quick break to enjoy some time under the sun, but we’ll meet you back here on August 2 with our brand new mini-series we’re calling, “The ‘How To’ Fundamentals“!

Our new series will feature two parts each week – yep, that’s 2 episodes a week.

We’ll keep it short and sweet, about 10 minutes max. In each two-part episode, we’ll revisit six fundamentals of HR, taking you step-by-step through the full employee lifecycle.

That’s 6 fundamental HR topics in just 6 weeks, enough to give you a fresh vision and motivation for the return to work after summer!

We’ll cover the full employee lifecycle so you get a holistic overview of the fundamentals of HR in 2021, including:

  • Employer branding
  • Candidate Experience
  • (Remote) onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Measuring employee engagement
  • (Remote) offboarding

As always, we’ll have an insider and outsider view to keep things fresh.

Of course, each episode will be highly researched, with access to source links to read more in the show notes.

Whether you’re by the pool this summer, or working on through, this second season of The Ins and Outs of Work will cut out the fluff and give you a short, punchy, practical, ‘how-to’ look at 6 HR fundamentals.

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