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New store openings – the Cegid Retail Store Excellence way

12 July 2022

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You’re expanding to a new location – congratulations! Expanding your store estate is a very exciting step whatever size retailer you are. New stores present a fantastic opportunity to broaden your brand’s reach and increase exposure to new customers.

But with grand openings, generating new footfall and pressure to deliver ROI – opening a new store may sound like a tall order. But your new store opening doesn’t have to be daunting.

Our customers use Cegid Retail Store Excellence to streamline the processes involved in a new store opening, including making sure a new store is open ready, is prepared to succeed in the store opening period and has an onboarding program for new workers.

This blog shows you how Cegid Retail Store Excellence allows teams to get the details right at these crucial stages of a store opening.

First, let’s get everyone on the same page

There are many teams involved in store openings: retail ops, Visual Merchandising teams, store developers and Area Managers to name a few. These teams need to be able to disseminate new ways of working quickly and easily. But receiving information through multiple channels can be confusing.

Cegid Retail Store Excellence champions one platform to send all your information. No matter the problem, teams will know where to find their latest actions, updated company policies and Covid-19 advice.

With everyone referring to the single source of truth, you can begin to get your store open ready.

Open Ready

Ensuring your store looks the part is key. Cegid Retail Store Excellence for Visual Merchandising provides a collaborative platform for retail teams to share, manage and review in-store visual merchandising standards. The cloud-based software can track task completion, manage campaign compliance, and shows you how your creative vision has landed.

VM teams can send launch guidelines to stores, which will appear where your store teams need them: their Store Dashboard. Photo uploads are straightforward for stores to share, giving HO visibility across the portfolio and enabling rapid feedback.

Store Opening

Your store looks perfect and is ready for customers. Now it’s time for your first Area Manager review – a time for your store to receive positive and constructive feedback.

But with a team across the country, it can be hard to understand which stores they’re focusing on and what actions came out of their last visit. For Area Managers, manual processes and paper checks make it difficult to pull together all the information so they’re up to speed for their next visit. Cegid Retail Store Excellence brings together all the tools an Area Manager needs to complete a store visit in one easy to use app, with reporting that integrates into Cegid Retail Store Excellence for both Field and Head Office teams.

Additionally, this is not the only store visit your Area Manager will undertake. Sometimes area managers completing the same store visit find themselves giving the same feedback again and again. With predictive tasking, field team members can select from previously submitted tasks to save time whilst they’re in store.


As your workforce grows, training your teams quickly and efficiently is paramount. The Cegid Retail Store Excellence Academy is a modern, intuitive retail LMS that will revolutionise the way you educate and engage your team. Onboarding new starters can be easy when the training you deliver is genuinely engaging and fun to complete. With Cegid Retail Store Excellence, our customers create courses with videos, images, and quizzes, and reward their work with gems.

As part of training, we often hear that store management teams are given access to the Cegid Retail Store Excellence platform as soon as they join to understand Head Office comms. We understand that every retailer has their own communication style, which is why Cegid Retail Store Excellence offers a range of formats. Whether you want to create a central hub where stores can find retail apps and important files, a live newsfeed with the latest comms from head office, or video channels to share “how to” videos and product training – there’s a set up for all business requirements.

In summary, new store openings can be challenging. But with Cegid Retail Store Excellence to streamline the processes involved, retailers of any size can get the details right at the crucial stages of a store opening.

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