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Maximizing Performance with the Work-From-Home Model

2 November 2020

2 min
Working efficiently when you’re far apart requires three key principles: frequent feedback, mutual trust and accurate workflows. On each of these points, Cegid Talent solutions help make a difference.

Because it became widespread quickly, many employees felt unprepared for telecommuting. Their main difficulty? Maintaining good communication and collaboration within teams. The consequences, in case of failure, are a feeling of isolation, insecurity and lack of clear objectives.

For optimal collaboration, workers must first have confidence… in themselves. This is an essential lever. Effectiveness implies feeling able to accomplish the requested mission. How can this state of mind be developed? First, through feedback. The further away from the office, the more difficult it is to receive feedback on the quality of one’s work. Several studies have shown that feedback is a very effective intrinsic motivating factor. It plays a vital role in the performance, fulfillment and development of employees.

To go further, Cegid Talent’s performance and skills monitoring solution integrates a 360-degree assessment process. It provides a multi-faceted view of an employee’s actual performance evaluation within the company. Obtaining feedback from other team members, indirect managers, peers, and external third parties provides a broader perspective that provides a much richer assessment than that of their immediate superior.

Coordination and focus on objectives

The second rule for successful remote collaboration is trust. It’s best to give teams independence in the execution of their daily tasks. A manager should be confident in their ability to complete their work on time and satisfactorily. In return, remote workers must be able to understand objectives and be responsible. Scheduling periodic video conference meetings will ensure that this is the case and that everyone is interacting sufficiently with each other. Beyond control, management is the guarantor of good internal coordination.

Of course, in order to function, this requires a third point to adhere to: a precise definition of workflows. Start with a list of specific and concrete expectations, to clear up any confusion and let the remote worker know who to contact if they have any questions. Next, invest in digital tools that offer the right flexibility. Cegid Talent’s performance and skills monitoring solution offers a user-friendly interface that allows each employee to focus not only on the company’s objectives, but also on his or her individual goals via the identification of their professional interests. Managers can motivate employees in several ways through Cegid Talent’s objective and performance reviews. In particular, the solution allows managers to create a list of skills or objectives beforehand that can be chosen by the employee in accordance with the company’s objectives. Or, better yet, allow complete flexibility for employees by offering them the opportunity to achieve their personal goals within their working environment, thus encouraging self-motivation. Intrapreneurs can also be discovered with this method. Digitizing performance helps organizations measure their productivity gains, thanks to the alignment of common performance objectives. The result is better performing and happier employees.

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