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How to Measure Your Recruitment Strategies’ Performance the Right Way

18 January 2019

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You're thinking of doing everything possible to attract the most promising talent to your business. But are you sure you'll get the best return on your investment? Pay attention to specific indicators to measure your efforts' effectiveness.

According to a 2017 CROP-CRHA survey, fifty-three percent (53%) of workers believe that their organization has a high turnover rate. At the same time, PricewaterhouseCoopers estimated that the cost of labour turnover could make up twelve percent (12%) of a business’s income. As such, it’s important to have a process that continuously improves your recruitment strategies so that they’re amongst the most efficient!

Go Beyond Traditional Criteria…

As the head of HR or a business leader, you’re used to key indicators such as turnover rate analysis, recruitment time, hiring rate by source, or the essential cost per hire. But do these various indicators say much about the performance of your recruitment strategies and the tools you use? To monitor all the devices that make up your recruitment ecosystem more meticulously, don’t limit the indicators to what comes after the process. It’s in the process’s initial stage that you’ll find valuable ways of improving the integration of new talent.


Indicators in Your Recruitment Sources

To develop your recruitment strategy, you must first think about the performance of the sources that generate relevant traffic. From this traffic comes the visibility of your recruitment ads and therefore, the relevance of your investments. Should you keep paying to post job offers somewhere that doesn’t bring in any candidates in return? Similarly, you’ll need to set objectives for conversions from visitors to applicants. With a tool like RITA Sourcing integrated into Cegid’s Talent Management Suite, for example, you can compare the performance of the sources where your job offers are posted. As a result, you’ll be able to shift your adjustments toward the more relevant places. Cegid’s RITA Sourcing also enables you to measure the real cost of your job offer’s application link (cost per click) with respect to the volume and quality of the applications received. Cegid’s RITA Sourcing is a one-stop solution for your recruitment policy. It allows you to better manage your recruitment strategy based on the realities of the field!

Find out more about how to better manage your workforce from hire to retire, with a modern Talent Management Suite designed to fit your industry best practices.

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