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How Order management Systems Benefits Sales Associates to retail the new way

1 October 2020

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Retail has entered a new normal, and shoppers are poised to reward brands that can adapt to today’s environment. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, customers were asking for a more frictionless buying experience; now, they're demanding it. Consumers also increasingly want to know retailers will protect their safety. And they want to be offered options such as contactless shopping, greater transparency into their order status and access to more environmentally conscious delivery methods. Successfully completing this transformation, and aligning your brand’s in-store and online experiences with customers’ heightened expectations, calls for new tools and enhanced insight.

The shift — by customers as well as retailers — toward an omnichannel strategy represents huge opportunities for forward-looking brands to drive sales and strengthen the buying experience. Gaining a competitive edge as the retail landscape evolves will require an order management system with a broad set of capabilities powerful enough to:

  • Leverage traditional brick-and-mortar assets;
  • Incorporate e-Commerce and omnichannel transactions;
  • Provide visibility into product availability in every area of the network
  • Bring everything together to provide a global, unique view of customers, inventory and orders.


Your in-store associates are a core component in helping your brand thrive in the coming stages of retail’s ongoing evolution. Shoppers are already looking to you to provide a store environment that’s safe and delivery options that allow them to minimize contact. A strong order management platform enables you to support customers’ needs, expectations and desires through a host of omnichannel capabilities.

Help Sales Associates Drive Personalisation

Cegid Retail Order Management technology gives your sales staff the insight it needs to personalise every stage in the buying journey to best meet shoppers’ preferences. In-store representatives can review detailed customer information, empowering them to provide tailored recommendations around services and products that suit each buyer’s unique profile and streamline the purchase process. Online and in-store interactions are managed through the same centralised dashboard, giving sales staff access to customer data, shopper profiles and order history, all in one place.

To further facilitate the sales process, associates can easily access and search inventory across distribution centers and warehouse locations as well as within your brand’s portfolio of brick-and-mortar stores. They’ll have powerful endless-aisle tools at their fingertips to help generate in-store traffic, boost in-store sales and take advantage of upselling and cross-selling opportunities. And if the customer’s desired item is out of stock when she visits one of your physical locations, your associates have the ability to leverage store-to-web functionality, saving the sale and delighting your shoppers with an excellent experience. Together, the broad capabilities of Cegid Retail Order Management give you the insight and flexibility to optimise physical store space while increasing access to a wider assortment of products.

Give Consumers the Visibility They Expect

Today’s consumers also expect complete transparency when it comes to tracking their purchases, from order through delivery. The full integration behind our order management solution not only gives them the visibility they desire, it also allows them to maintain participation in your loyalty program no matter where their purchases occur. By blending your brand’s omnichannel activities into a single source of data – across multiple touch points and through multiple interactions – Cegid’s solution provides a way for your associates to more effectively personalise the customer journey at every step of the way, and for your brand to deliver a consistent shopping experience online and in-store.

The array of omnichannel services available through Cegid’s solution gives your team powerful insight and enables you to offer the shopping experience today’s customers expect. Your associates will be able to view a single repository for customer, order and data inventory across all channels, giving them quick access to the information they need to support your selling ceremonies. In-store staff can use the unified commerce platform to gather web orders for collection in-store (click-and-reserve), and they have the option to order in-store for delivery to the customer’s preferred address or shipment to another store. They can even order in-store for collection at another store or pickup point (click-and-collect), providing your customers with the ultimate in shopping flexibility.

“Cegid support the most diverse set of architectural delivery models and has one of the quickest installation times”

The IHL Group – The Order Management Market 2019

All of this happens directly from Cegid Retail interface that’s already familiar to your staff, resulting in a minimal time investment for training. And with the seamless, pre-built integration capabilities between Cegid’s DOM solution and the core Cegid Retail Order Management and POS suite, deployment is also quick and straightforward, our installation time being one of the quickest one according to the IHL Group. Our SaaS solution can be rolled out in just a few weeks and can also easily integrate with many third-party systems, making for an intuitive and powerful experience for in-store associates. This shortened timeline enables your brand to retail the new way, and to be well positioned to win back market share as shoppers continue to adjust to the retail “new normal”.

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