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Four essential keys to effective and successful Onboarding.

7 November 2018

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When welcoming a new employee, a company must meet four essential criteria to ensure a successful integration.

Make it a warm welcome

Statistics show that 82% of HR decision-makers consider integrating a new employee as an essential means to encourage employee engagement.

As such, 63% of companies find that the implementation of an Onboarding procedure significantly contributes to employee satisfaction. Onboarding is an absolute must , and without it, you are only increasing your new hire’s chances of failing. Ensure you have a plan established according to the employee’s position, team, location, and tools. Recruitment without Onboarding is a recipe that in many cases results in failure.

Leverage digital processes

Sixty percent of companies supplement their onboarding process with a software solution. Do you have one ? Specially if your company employs more than 300 people. Why not leveraging on today’s useful innovation?

Foster relationships

Seventy percent of employees agree that building positive relationships with their colleagues is an integral part of their professional well-being. How is your organization encouraging such initiatives ? Do you have internal community portals for employees to interact? Are you integrating social media ? Having a fully integrated solution in place that manages your team while encourages HR best practices is essential.

Develop their skills

60% of companies believe that effective HR Onboarding programs allow employees to improve their skills faster while on the job. Learning and Development must be ongoing, as the new generations thrive for self development. Providing and monitoring tools as such will not only increase your employees performance and productivity, but also aid you with employee retention. Having a plan to show your new hires within the first weeks on how and when their training will take place will increase their confidence.

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