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Navigating the Forecourt Sector: Insights from the Forecourt Show 2024

17 May 2024

3 min

The Forecourt Show brings together key forecourt industry suppliers and showcases the latest equipment and technology. Our team attended the show for the first time and in this article, we share insights into the dynamic landscape of forecourt retail, shedding light on key trends and challenges. 

Forecourt Retailers Challenges & Trends

The show and accompanying discussions highlighted the challenges and opportunities facing forecourt retailers in a shifting fuel and vehicle market. Despite these challenges, retailers are proactively investing in expanding services, upgrading technology, and enhancing staff tools to improve operational efficiency and customer experiences. 

Notably, there’s a significant focus on enhancing the breadth and depth of services offered by forecourt retailers. Popular services such as free of charge ATMs, click-and-collect, and standalone parcel collection points underscore forecourt retailers’ commitment to meeting evolving consumer needs. Moreover, investments in technology and staff tools, particularly solutions aimed at streamlining task management, communications, and compliance like Cegid Retail Store Excellence, are empowering staff to ensure adherence to regulations more effectively. 

A highlight from the event was the chance to meet with Richard Cross, the forecourt enthusiast. His passion for the industry certainly added to the energy of the event. 


Insights from Joanne Hall, Director of Retail Operations at BP 

During the Forecourt Show, Joanne Hall, Director of Retail Ops at BP, shared valuable insights into the future of forecourt convenience. Key takeaways from her presentation included: 

Future-Proofing Sites: Ensuring sites are fit for the future by incorporating more charging points for electric vehicles. With the transition from fuel to energy transmission, customers may spend longer durations on-site (20 mins for charging compared to 3-5 mins for refuelling), presenting an opportunity for retailers to offer a distinctive and memorable customer experience. 

Differentiated Customer Experience: Offering a differentiated customer experience through fresh foods, creating diverse environments, and providing amenities such as toilets, picnic areas, lockers, and lotteries. Fresh food offerings are becoming increasingly important as demand grows. 

Efficient Processes: Emphasising the importance of making processes more efficient, such as implementing self-scans and developing new technologies to support store staff. Simplifying processes in stores while prioritising safety for both staff and customers is crucial. 

Ready to Elevate Your Forecourt Operations? 

Discover how Cegid Retail Store Excellence can empower your business with streamlined compliance and auditing processes. Explore our case study to see how leading forecourt retailers like Harvest Energy, Essar, and BP are transforming their operations with our app. Forecourts can operate more confidently, protect their reputation, and avoid costly penalties and legal troubles by proactively focusing on key compliance risks and introducing effective policies, processes, training, and reporting. 

Learn more about the work we’re doing with Harvest and Essar here. 

In conclusion, the forecourt sector presents both challenges and opportunities amidst rapid change and evolving consumer preferences. By staying attuned to industry insights, attending industry events like the Forecourt Show, embracing innovation, and investing in staff tools, forecourt operators can navigate challenges and seize opportunities for growth and success in this dynamic sector. 

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