10 Questions to Help Assess Your Retail Business’ Digital Maturity

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30 January 2024

Digital maturity is a key factor to success in today’s retail world. Do you want to know how to calculate your level of digital maturity in the retail sector? Learn about our Digital Maturity Assessment and its advantages. Leader
Do you know your real level of Digital Maturity? Have you fully integrated your offline and online sales channels to offer a seamless shopping experience to your customers and employees?

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Retail digital maturity assessment: An essential tool

Our Digital Maturity Assessment Tool is based on five essential pillars: customer experience, employee experience, operational excellence, performance management and security and compliance. Carrying out an audit on these key pillars will allow you to identify the areas where improvement is needed.

How to calculate your digital maturity? Take 5 minutes to complete your Retail Digital Maturity Assessment and receive personalised feedback and advice to help you elevate your retail experience.



Customer experience: a key indicator of digital maturity in retail

The customer experience, as a key indicator of digital maturity, must be smooth and consistent across all sales channels. André Louit, Financial Director of Longchamp, emphasises that “The majority of customers have already done research at home and know exactly what they want. For this reason, making the purchasing process seamless and as easy as possible is a point to which luxury brands must pay particular attention.”

Longchamp has therefore deployed this seamless customer journey in all its stores around the world, in collaboration with Cegid. This customer experience integrates personalisation according to preferences and purchasing behaviours. A concrete example is the Longchamp Le Pliage handbag, which was adapted to suit customers’ tastes.

This customer experience assumes the capacity to offer the omnichannel services requested by customers. As highlighted by Julien Schneider, CEO of Balibaris, which opted for Cegid Retail Live Store, it is key to be able to “always say YES in a straightforward and seamless manner, regardless of limited in-store stocking capacities.”

The employee experience at the heart of digital maturity in retail

A smooth and integrated experience for store associates, with high-performing, easy-to-use digital tools, is a key indicator of digital maturity.

When sales staff are overworked and must juggle multiple tasks, sometimes with too many tools available, it can limit their interaction with customers. This was the conclusion reached by PVH Group (Calvin Klein and TOMMY HILFIGER), which decided to combine 21 applications and portals on three applications, including Cegid Retail Store Excellence.

This move enabled stores to gain four hours per week, the equivalent of £300,000 in labour costs, and “transformed the in-store staff experience,” as explained by Robert Newstead, Head of Omnichannel Operations for PVH Europe.

The same observation was made by Mistigriff after the retailer decided to equip its store associates with Cegid Retail Store Excellence, which “makes the day to day work of our teams easier and allows us to maintain our identity,” according to Alban Cacace, Head of Strategy and Development for the brand. Employees also appreciate the solution for “its ease of use” and ability to help them reach their objectives.

Operational excellence: a key objective

Analysing operational processes, the capacity to manage inventory, orders and deliveries in real time, checkout automation methods, and all the data needed to make informed decisions leads to operational excellence.

After having found that 90% of its stores were inventoried and that continuous inventories were almost never completed, Rossignol Group adopted Cegid Retail Inventory Tracking to optimise its stocks with more accurate and reliable visibility. “Thanks to this solution, we now have inventory on 100% of our stores,” explained Simon Van Der Poorten, Head of Retail and E-commerce Projects for the IS Department of Rossignol.

Most importantly, the solution saves time and offers improved customer service. “We no longer need to close stores for inventory! Employees can now view stocks easily in real time. “This facilitates omnichannel operations and product management between stores when necessary, allowing us to better serve our customers, regardless of the sales channel.”

The solution was chosen by Mistigriff to accelerate the reception of its four merchandise deliveries per week.

Mistigriff has, moreover, equipped its staff with Cegid Retail Live Store in order to reduce queues and use fewer points of sale. Drawing on modern and scalable solutions also makes it possible to focus on the digital transformation of stores and streamline employees’ work.

For all these reasons, the Benetton Group chose Cegid Retail for its global reach.“It will be possible to take full advantage of Cegid’s functionalities, such as real-time control of inventories and mobile sales, directly from smartphones,” said Marco Moschini, Head of Information Technology for Benetton Group.

Performance and data: the building blocks of strategy in retail

The ability to obtain actionable insights based on data concerning sales, store traffic, and customer satisfaction, as well as other relevant data, is the key to taking strategic action and implementing processes to achieve objectives.

It was with data at the heart of its system that the brand Miniso, located in Asia since 2013, was able to rapidly develop a network of franchises in France. “We chose Cegid Retail’s SaaS solution as this software has an agility far superior to the purchase of a license and many, many advantages in terms of updates,” explained Nicolas Rey, CEO and co-founder of Miniso France. “Cegid Retail Intelligence is very easy to use. Data extraction operations and Excel file updates that would take 30 minutes will now take a minute or two.

On site, it also allows managers and store associates to manage their activity via pre-designed dashboards and to follow their sales figures, average basket, number of receipts and in-store stock levels in real time, “tools that are indispensable today,” according to the CEO.

Security and compliance in Retail: indispensable to your digital maturity

The security of customer data, the protection of information systems against cyber threats, and compliance with regulations are all subject to security protocols that must be constantly re-evaluated and tested. And with this objective, Cloud and SaaS solutions offer “peace of mind on many aspects,” as reported by Bastien Pinot, Group Chief Information Officer for Orchestra Prémaman.

This group, which is carrying out a large-scale transformation, chose Cegid’s SaaS solution to improve performance thanks to its infrastructure capable of processing high volumes and its 24-hour availability anywhere in the world, but also because this solution meets security requirements while ensuring an optimal level of data protection.

It was to ensure compliance and to deal with rapidly changing legislation and specific standards related to local particularities that L’Oréal, present in 35 countries and in more than 3,500 stores, strengthened its partnership with Cegid Retail. “For us, collaborating with Cegid on compliance is a gage of efficiency, harmonisation of practices, and compliance,” stated Nicolas Koller, Global Retail IT Manager at L’Oréal.

By considering examples of renowned brands such as Longchamp, Balibaris, Benetton, we have seen how well-managed digital maturity can transform not only customer experience, but also the day-to-day work of employeesoperational management and strategic decision making. These brands have successfully taken advantage of modern solutions, such as Cegid Retail, to optimise their processes, increase their efficiency, and ensure compliance with the specific standards of countries around the world.

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