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Cegid Innovation Store: a new interactive display screen to bring your windows to life, 24/7.

16 October 2019

3 min
How do you motivate a customer to buy your products when the doors to your store are closed? Interactive display screens have already been tested in retail stores around the world. However, some of the common drawbacks are unsightly finger smudges on the storefront, poor color and contrast control depending on the weather, and interior views to the outside that are blocked by huge screens.

At the Cegid Innovation Store, we believe in the value of digitizing the storefront by putting it on a traditional display screen installed behind the glass, coupled with the use of a mobile device. Specifically, Cegid worked with its partner Intuiface to provide window interactivity without touch. As a result, there is no more bother with unsightly fingerprints; customers will be able to get more information about a product by scanning the QR code displayed. This practice is extremely popular in Asia. It doesn’t pose any major technical problems and works with all smartphones. “Scanning the QR code will let customers take total control of the content, with their phone acting as a remote control. It’s a web application, so you don’t have to download anything”, said Florian Peyruseigt, Cegid’s pre-sales consultant.

Besides the equipment, content is the key. According to the Smart barometer made by Samsung-LSA, barely 26% of retailers release dynamic content, and 32% rely on programming. In other words, screens are used mainly to display the same video loops without regard for the day, time or weather. “This is unfortunate in the era of interactivity and personalization”, says Jacques Soumeillan, CEO of Intuiface.

An interactive screen with two possible uses

According to Intuiface, there are two possible uses for interactive display screens to enliven your windows. The first, very traditional use is for creating an extension of the website. The customer adds items to the shopping cart and pays with his mobile device, for delivery or pickup in-store with a code.

The other possibility is featuring some “teaser” products. This approach requires specific content to be created for the screen, but it is still simple because Intuiface’s solution interfaces with Cegid Retail’s unified sales platform. Everything is controlled centrally, and the teams have to identify the catalogue products to feature. The programming tool allows for remote changes to the displays according to the time and whether the shop is open or closed, or even according to the geographic location of the store.

Even if the customer does not complete their purchase, the system saves the interactions they had with the products. Vendors can thus access this information via Cegid Retail to remind a shopper who would then go to the store. “We have deployed this scenario in an eyeglasses store”, said Jacques Soumeillan. “Via Intuiface, customers can virtually try on glasses and come back when the store is open.” And there appears to be an appetite, according to Cegid’s partner. Deployed in 400 decoration stores, the tool has generated more interaction in one month than with all the other previous solutions used in a year.

Cegid’s belief: An in-window display screen allows media content to be pushed constantly and thus maintain the connection with the customer. Your consumers are now engaged 24/7, thanks to an innovative and fun solution that means you will never miss a sale, even when your store is closed.

In addition, this innovation allows you to collect more data about your customers and their behavior toward the featured products. As a result, you can refine your sales strategy and improve your customer’s experience through further personalization.

Nevertheless, it is essential to focus on a few products in the catalogue, so you don’t lose the customer.

Technological partner: Since 2012, Intuiface has offered solutions to generate interaction with customers. The company works in 70 countries with more than 1,500 chains and brands.

To explore this innovative store in person, visit the Cegid Innovation Store in Lyon.

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