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Cegid Dominates Customer Satisfaction Rankings

13 April 2017

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“WE’RE NUMBER 1” could be the chant heard at the next Cegid user’s conference because of the stellar performance the retail software provider achieved in the 2016 RIS Software LeaderBoard. But a fair question to ask would be, “In which category?”


You see, the problem Cegid has (and it’s a good problem to have) is that it is number one in 13 of the LeaderBoard’s 51 categories, making it the dominant software provider of the year in the independently researched customer satisfaction study.


The most important category in the LeaderBoard is the Top 20 list, which is a master list and the only top-20 list. What makes the LeaderBoard Top 20 unique is that it uses the full set of data collected during the research process. This data includes Customer Satisfaction (which is based on evaluations by retail users of the software), Retail Concentration (a score based on the number of modules in a vendor’s retail solution suite) and Revenue factor (which refers to points awarded for revenue plateaus reached in the retail vertical).


When all of this data is added together in a head-to-head ranking, Cegid comes out ahead of all 45 software providers analyzed in the LeaderBoard. To be the winner on this list is a singular achievement for Cegid and it marks the culmination of a multi-year climb up the LeaderBoard standings from #12 in 2014 and #4 in 2015.


Equally impressive is Cegid’s number-one ranking in the Top Vendors in Customer Satisfaction list. This list measures pure retailer satisfaction without combining it with any other data. Of all 51 lists in the LeaderBoard, the Top 20 and the pure Customer Satisfaction lists are the most prestigious and Cegid claimed the top spot on both.


Other lists that use the full-data set where Cegid scored number-one rankings include: Mid-Size Vendor Leaders, Broad Suite Vendor Leaders, Apparel Vendor Leaders, Specialty Vendor Leaders, and Top Vendors for Mid-Size Retailers.


Other pure customer satisfaction lists where Cegid was number one include: Customer Satisfaction for Mid-Size Vendors, Customer Satisfaction for Broad Suite Vendors, Customer Satisfaction for Apparel Vendors, Specialty Vendor Leaders in Customer Satisfaction, and, Leaders in Ease of Installation & Integration.


Overall, Cegid appears in 33 top-10 lists, an outstanding performance by any measure. A few other noteworthy achievements include: #2 in Leaders in Technology Innovation, #2 in Leaders in Overall Performance, #2 in Leaders in Recommendation, and #3 in Leaders in Return on Investment.


Cegid’s emergence as a leader in customer satisfaction and its dominant performance in this year’s Leaderboard is a first by a software firm with headquarters in France. While the U.S. has long been the geographic force behind advancements in retail software, dating from the birth of modern retail computing with the launch of bar codes and the technology to support it, there is no reason to doubt that the next phase of innovation could become more geographically diverse.


While Cegid has a strong foothold in North America through the acquisition of JDS Solutions and Technomedia in 2015, it is an international company with global knowledge and reach, which are key factors in the modern age of digital transformation and borderless commerce.


Read the full report here: 2016 RIS Software LeaderBoard

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