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Cegid Connections 2017 – Day 2: Commitments

20 April 2017

3 min

We’re back for day 2 of Cegid’s international user conference. After the challenges raised during yesterday’s sessions, it’s now time for the commitments. Cegid aims to “win together” with its customers and partners. Innovation, the cloud and artificial intelligence are on the agenda – not forgetting the mobilization of the whole global ecosystem.


The first day focused on retail’s challenges, read the article here. The second will focus on solutions. Cegid and its partners offer a wide range of software, technology, and services for unified commerce in face of globalization and omnichannel retail.

A special thanks to Moncler, Vilebrequin, Yves Rocher…

Two years after the Cegid Connections conference in Berlin, more than two hundred new customers – 209 to be precise – have joined the Cegid customer community. During the second plenary held on 6th April 2017, several CIOs spoke, including Emmanuele Pesce from MonclerChristian Roche from Vilebrequin, and Jean-Charles Verdier from Yves Rocher. Other brands such as Eric Bompard and Nespresso can also be mentioned.

AI + Big Data = Smart Data

Artificial intelligence made an appearance during workshops – used properly and in combination with Big Data and Business Intelligence technology, it could allow retailers to make a difference in an increasingly competitive environment, where detailed knowledge of customers and their online avatars becomes crucial. “Artificial intelligence feeds on data. The challenge for retailers is collecting, analysing, and sharing this data with the businesses that will use it to make the right decisions,” says Jean-François Gomez, Microsoft’s distribution specialist.

Global Cloud: crucial for international development.

In order to achieve these ambitious goals, the Cloud is essential. “With our partners Orange Business Services and Microsoft, we are committed to providing a global Cloud, which represents an indispensable prerequisite for any retailer’s international development,” says Olivier Chiono, Product Director, Cegid Retail. What is more, according to IDC, SaaS will account for 35% of business applications spending by 2020. Better not delay getting on board!

“The Cloud is one of our five commitments in order to win together, along with innovation, international, and the development of a global ecosystem dedicated to retail,” concludes Nathalie Echinard, Cegid’s Vertical Markets Director.

The launch of Shopping, the first unified in-store retail platform

Cegid Connections 2017 provided the occasion for Cegid to launch its latest innovation: Shopping. Developed under Windows 10 and available in the cloud, it brings a whole new dimension to point of sale management by being available on fixed and mobile POS platforms and by breaking the line between online and offline. Objective: bringing together all uses of unified commerce in-store on a single digital platform (web-to-store, store-to-home, store-to-store, store-to-web, etc.).

This second day was as rich as the previous, and ended for all delegates and partners with a guided tour of the city, a mini cruise on the Danube, and a gala dinner. We’ll be back tomorrow to report on the closing of the 5th edition of Cegid Connections in Budapest.

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