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Optimize my car fleet

30 August 2018

4 min
The automobile fleet is governed by complex legislation, involves several players, and requires great rigor. Getting lost in all the processes involved is common and yet so easy to remedy!

Don’t see your fleet management as a chore anymore

In practice, there are more formalities than one might think in the management of a car fleet. Don’t worry, there are tools to help you get through it!

How to optimize your car fleet?

It is important to first consider all aspects of fleet management. The first step is to adapt your car fleet to your company’s internal needs, regarding the method of financing, the type of vehicles, the follow-up and maintenance of the vehicles, etc. These elements depend on your Car Policy, which must be established before any purchasing decision is made. The second step is to take into account the legislative aspect that surrounds the management of a car fleet, such as the registration of vehicles, ensuring the accuracy of the data between the registration card and your tracking file, the subscription to adequate insurance for your fleet, the compliance of the collaborators’ data with the GDPR, the obligation to report your drivers in case of a traffic violation, etc. What we have here is a multitude of points that add to the complexity of fleet management. Our goal is to automate, simplify and facilitate your entire process on a daily basis via a fleet management software.

Cegid Notilus, the ally of the fleet manager

Our fleet management solution, Cegid Notilus, meets your needs in terms of organization, management, and legislation.

How does Cegid Notilus help you in your daily work? Our software has been designed to simplify the management of your fleet so that it no longer represents a burden for you. Access your data at any time using our SaaS solution on any medium. With the help of customizable graphs and dashboards, visualize your key indicators at a glance and select the appropriate information for your reporting and the calculation of your TCO. Ergonomic, uncluttered, and intuitive,

Cegid Notilus lets you plan and document the follow-up on your employees’ assignments and their equipment. We offer you a multitude of functions and help you gain productivity and save time.

Fines management solution

French companies have been required since January 1, 2017, to report unlawful drivers of company vehicles. The report takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete, which is why we help you automate and dematerialize your fine processing.

The French government is continually tightening safety rules specific to traffic laws. The 2017 and 2018 years saw strong changes highlighting the ANTAI’s growing role, among other things. The processing of fines related to a company’s fleet of vehicles can become very time-consuming, especially if it is done manually. We offer to automate and simplify your fines processing.

Legislation in motion

Legislative obligations, GDPR compliance, fine management, 2018 developments on French Tax, CO2 tax… One easily gets lost from all these new terms.

Legislation and its processes are often reviewed and modified. Consequently, it is difficult to stay on top of the latest rectifications or innovations. Regulatory monitoring alone is not enough. Moreover, it becomes even more difficult when companies need to comply with these legislations and are required to produce specific or even complicated information. However, this should not be a point of pain for you. Automotive legislation revolves around CO2 emissions, vehicle prices, and the number of kilometres driven.

Equip yourself with tools that allow you to capture, track and trace specific data that meet these legislations. Aggregate your targeted data in one place with a fleet management solution and analyze it easily.

The car fleet, a complex management

Managing a fleet of vehicles is never an easy task, irrespective of how large or diverse the fleet is. Poor fleet management can be a source of tensions and complicate a company’s activities when its core business depends on it.

Effective fleet management is essential to ensure the smooth running of the company’s primary activities. Various elements make up the fleet, creating a kind of microsystem within a company, on which the firm depends. It can be difficult to find your way around at first, as managing a fleet is not only about managing vehicles, it is also about responding to a multitude of demands from internal and external stakeholders. Consequently, it requires rigor, anticipation, and, above all, organization.

However, it is not the best idea to rush into Excel sheets with their 50 columns waiting to be filled manually. A single wrong entry, or erroneous calculations, and consequences can be disastrous. The use of a solution, like Cegid Notilus, that aggregates the multitude of tasks as well as your various data, and confers visibility into all your vehicles, is guaranteed to reduce your management problems.

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