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Are You Ready for the Next Talent War?

2 November 2020

3 min
Even if some recruitments are frozen due to lack of visibility, it won’t last forever. Here's how to anticipate economic recovery and not leave the best candidates for your competitors.

Not surprisingly, hiring has suffered during the pandemic. Suddenly plunged into total uncertainty, more than a third (38%) of European tech companies have frozen their permanent hires and one in five (21%) have reduced the canopy to its essential needs during the first half of 2020, according to a recent survey conducted by talent.io. This survival reflex can also be observed across the pond.

Organizations have been quick to seek to diversify their supply chain to ensure continuity of production, but surprisingly, the response has not been the same for human resources. This has led to fears of an explosion in demand for talent (and a shortage of unicorns) when the market picks up again. Because companies that were understaffed before confinement will continue to be afterwards. Others will have lost skills, or people will have quit.

Making the “talent logistics” fluid remains a sine qua non condition for future competitiveness. How to be ready? At all times, HR managers must have a precise map of the available internal skills and key elements, in order to know the company’s assets and needs. At the same time, they must be able to anticipate the knowledge needed for the future and forecast it. The aim is to identify tomorrow’s practices that aren’t yet well known but will develop into key market drivers.


360-degree view of human capital

Cegid Talent’s PeopleVision solution is part of the answer to this need. This HR services aggregator is capable of gathering data from different information systems and offering all HR management stakeholders a 360-degree view of their human capital. As a result, it is now possible for an HR manager to choose his or her favorite indicators to create employee, team and organizational profiles for competitive market analysis. By indicating weaknesses, PeopleVision alerts its users when a current or upcoming HR event requires attention.

The Recruitment module of Cegid Talent’s Talent Management Suite provides a strategic advantage in winning this talent war. Relevant, user-friendly, and affordable, it offers recruiters new ways to find the right candidates online and manage them throughout their careers. Up to date with the latest sourcing methods, it automatically analyzes candidates, manages positions and measures the results of recruitment campaigns, streamlining for efficiency. On the one hand, the Cegid Talent recruiting module simplifies and centralizes the ability to multi-post with its integrated RITA functionality. On the other hand, it enables automation of the recruiting process according to a formula of eligibility criteria. This results in an automatic sorting of candidates into different candidate pools, for a more focused selection process to help you find your hidden gem. Additionally, advanced filters allow you to model the profile of the ideal candidate you are looking for.

But technology isn’t everything. Neither is the amount of the check. In order to attract and retain the diamond in the rough, recognition, life balance and autonomy have become crucial elements. Employers need to review their promises with one constant in mind: the search for meaning remains what matters most to employees today.

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