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Ambassadors: A Powerful Recruiting Weapon

18 January 2019

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Think about the last time a word-of-mouth referral program influenced one of your purchasing decisions. Over half (58%) of organizations with employee ambassadors are more likely to attract new talent. An ambassador is a powerful person. An ambassador is a messenger. An ambassador is a spokesperson. Having brand ambassadors is as important for the employee as it is for your brand.

Candidates are looking for a company culture that appeals to them. So, what makes your company stand out? Ambassadors are your key to storytelling. They are defined as leader employees and as spokespeople that drive referrals to your business. This kind of recognition is flattering, praises involvement, and rewards fidelity.

Your employees, your spokespeople

The employee ambassador aims to bring potential candidates to the company, making them a kind of discreet and undercover talent hunter.

Moreover, they’ll spread the word about your company’s good reputation by spreading the right message to professional and personal networks. They speak, write, post online, talk over the telephone, and engage. They attract people by being the perfect example of what success and professional development in your company lookslike.

Be conscious about having a dedicated communication strategy for your ambassadors.

But what is the right strategy? Below are four points to guide you:

  1. Strive to make your employees enthusiastic about your company. How? By adopting a different company culture. Try offering activities, initiatives and a fun work environment – enough to promote work-life balance. Empower them to build networks, pursue guidance and plan their career trail. Keep them up to date in one place. Happy employees will serve you well! Before you know it, employees will be volunteering to become ambassadors.


  1. Don’t leave your ambassadors twisting in the wind. Guide them with strategies and content. You could host a website or a portal aboutyour company culture. Employees will be able to point to its content to talk about the company. This also gives you better control over your message. Give them the option to communicate internallyin a collaborative way to increase the sense of community and support.


  1. Show that your employees can count on you by providing the ambassadors full support. Give them the time and tools needed for their ambassadorial tasks, give them access to your employee portals right on their mobile devices! Be consistent and encourage a social experience. This will increase the engagement flow.


  1. Define the criteria to recognize your employees. Employee recognition is a communication tool that reinforces and rewards the most important outcomes that people create for your business. The majority of employees want you to see them as effective contributors, because it reinforces their own positive self-image, their self-worth, and self-esteem, your positive recognition is meaningful and supportive.The recognition should occur as close to the performance of the actions as possible, so the recognition reinforces the behavior the employer wants to encourage. Put their profile on your site. A valued employee is eager to share the content they create with others.

However, implementing such a strategy is time-consuming for HR and you should ease their workload if you want them tobeefficient. Solutions like the Talent Management Suite from Cegid can give you a hand. This technology enables you to recruit, coach, and retain your employees easily and efficiently.

Finding, hiring, and keeping talent has never been so easy! Your HR can now focus on developing your company culture and creating ambassadors.

Find out more about how to better manage your workforce from hire to retire, with a modern Talent Management Suite designed to fit your industry best practices.

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