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3 ways modern POS solutions support peak selling periods

26 January 2022

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With the January sales in full swing, it's a busy time for retail. Whether it’s Christmas Week, post-Christmas promotions, Valentine’s Day, Cyber Week or just a typical Saturday rush, successfully managing peak periods and peak selling hours can be ‘make or break’ for some.
Here are three ways how Cegid Retail Live Store, a new generation of omnichannel and collaborative in-store apps can ensure retailers win peak season challenges to boost sales and profits and still ensure outstanding shopping experiences.

Expanding product ranges with endless aisles

It’s an all too common reality: that when a particular item isn’t available in-store, you risk losing the sale. To help avoid this predicament, Cegid Retail Live Store allows staff to instantly access the full catalogue and stock levels in other stores and across the enterprise, reserving items immediately for the customer, and even finalising purchases there and then, on any device.

Even during peak selling periods, the most popular are those:

  1. Where you can view or try on products (60%)
  2. That have immediate product availability (54%)

(Source: Opinion Way survey carried out during October 2021)

E-reservations and improved delivery

The Cegid Retail Live Store suite integrates with other existing solutions – such as websites and e-commerce platforms – and makes adding new omnichannel services for customers easier and more efficient.This means you can offer consumers various e-reservation options when booking online: such as choosing whether to pick up purchases in store; or getting deliveries to their home. It’s something that’s vital for bringing the best of online and physical retail together.

Beauval Zoo, ranked among the top 5 zoos in the world, welcomes around 1.5 million visitors per year and is all too familiar with the challenges of peak trading periods – often at the end of the day when people are leaving the park. The company that recently selected Cegid Retail Live Store, is equipping in-store staff with mobile tablets. Using the solution’s queue busting capabilities, staff can pre-checkout customers or go as far as full mobile checkout considerably reducing queuing times and abandoned sales and instead optimise operations at the checkout and increase sales volumes and customer satisfaction.

Why Aquazzura selected Cegid Retail to step-up the digital and omnichannel transformation of its stores?

Aquazzura, the famous Italian luxury footwear brand, has selected Cegid Retail unified commerce and POS platform to manage its stores in Italy and worldwide

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Queue-busting: the point of sale moves to the consumer

Queues have a habit of getting bigger during peak periods, but Cegid Retail Live Store and its queue-busing abilities make light work of busy peak-trading periods. The tool enables staff to alleviate stress at the tills by using tablets or smartphones to process payments anywhere on the shopfloor.

78% of shoppers said they abandoned purchases because queues were too long.

(Source: Harris Interactive)