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3 Tips for Highly Effective Recruiters

18 January 2019

2 min
With such a low unemployment rate, businesses must do everything possible to ensure not only their visibility but also their appeal to candidates. It’s substantial work that requires diligence and technique!

According to a recent study conducted by Cegid, applicants have habits and preferences when it comes to finding jobs. Indeed, eighty percent (80%) use digital platforms. It goes without saying that all the following sites don’t share the same audience. Jobboom is used by eighty-five (85%) of respondents, Emploi Québec is employed by seventy-five percent (75%), Indeed by fifty-eight percent (58%), and LinkedIn by fifty-three percent (53%). But knowing these numbers and posting ads on these sites isn’t enough to guarantee an effective recruitment policy! Below are four key tips to go even further.


Tip # 1: Polish Your Recruiter Profile

If your ad says a lot about the nature of the position, its responsibilities, and the pay and benefits, don’t think that applicants, especially those with the best profiles, will immediately send you their application. First, they’ll want to learn about your business. As such, you need to make sure that its presentation is clear and of high quality on all the sites and platforms where you’d like to be visible. Focus on your advantages, highlight your CSR commitments, as well as your concern for the well-being of your employees. Be honestand transparentand don’t forget to ensure alignment between the employee’s profiles and what the company stands for!

Tip # 2: Open Your Recruitment Policy

For many years, recruiters have been very strict and uncompromising about the information provided by applicants. For example, if files were incomplete, profiles (including the best ones) were systematically rejected. So, to improve your recruitment policy’s efficiency, don’t hesitate to contact the applicants. Of course, only take this step if you’re missing information needed to complete a file that you think is suitable foryour business.


Tip # 3: Stay Visible and Communicate!

Do you rely on specialized sites and professional social networks to attract talent? If so, follow the game rules and make every effort to be as visible as possible on these platforms. Regularly post news about your business, such as your searches or big projects you’re undertaking. The more active you are on these networks, the more you’ll stay in the minds of candidates. In addition, to increase your efficiency, inform your hiring manager and their team that the job offer is ready to be posted on social media and networking sites. Other suitable options to increase your visibility include e-mails and the good old telephone! Any means of communication is a good way to ensure greater visibility. Keep a database of your existing applicants and communicate new opportunities.


Do these tips seem complex, impractical, or time-consuming? Think again! With Cegid’s Talent Management suite, especially Talent Acquisition and RITA Sourcing, you can easily have a comprehensive dashboard to publish your ads and track applications in real time.

Being effective can be easy after all!

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