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3 New Ways To Build Your Candidate Pipeline

18 January 2019

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Recruiting candidates is no easy task – especially when you need to find the right person, for the right position, in a timely manner. But don’t worry – there are simple steps you can take to stand out from the crowd. These three tips will help you optimize your recruitment process and win over your candidates.

1. Be where they are and captivate

Ensure you are looking for talent where talent lives, and this is not just on the top 3 local typical platforms, one size does not fit all. Canadian candidates apply for an average of 16.7 jobs during a job search[1]. The competition amongst companies is fierce, meaning you have to stand out.

Remember that while you evaluate candidates, they’re doing the same with you. They’re in a position of power as the top talent: they have options!

So why should they choose you? For your reputation and your offer.

Your reputation could play a major role. As the new connected generation, Millennials will Google your company as a first instinct. This means you’ll need to set yourself apart. Start by marketing your image to build your employer brand. Make sure to promote values that makeyou distinctive: be the top talent’s dream job. Your internet presence matters.

Then, polish your job offer since it is part of the deciding factors for candidates. Don’t let ambiguities about salary or tasks scare off the perfect candidates. Make your job offer as comprehensive and transparent as possible. Win them over in one single reading 2.

2. Facilitate

Nowadays, candidates have less patience and want to get things done quickly or even instantly. Seventy percent (70%) of Canadian candidates don’t complete the online application process. Therefore, you have to focus on what’s essential to avoid losing candidates. Customize your job posts with specific questions that matter.


3. Communicate

All candidates agree: the wait is too long. Waiting for an answer, positive or negative, is the most frustrating part of the job-hunting process. Take too long and forty-six percent (46%) of candidates will lose interest in your company and look elsewhere.

Optimize your process for maximum speed and efficiency without cutting corners.

Even if your process is quick, make sure not to sacrifice communication. Reminders during your recruitment process show your interest in candidates.

Most importantly, remember to take time for rejection responses; doing so isn’t counterproductive. Don’t risk gaining a bad reputation due to late responses and lack of contact.

However, optimizing recruitment can be expensive. In that case, solutions like those from Cegid can help you save precious time. Cegid’s RITA Sourcing, a job distribution tool, can manage all your sourcing activities in one place.

You can post on thousands job boards with a single click. Cegid’s Rita Sourcing provides analytics to determine on which platforms your posts were best received. As a result, you’ll be able to post through the right channels to the right people. Real-time analytics allow you to instantly track candidates, evaluate the performance of different sources and shorten your time to fill.

You’ll save time and have access to a qualified audience.

[1]Source: According to a Cegid study

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