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10 Cegid-Talentsoft Game Changer Features & Functionalities that you need in your HR Strategy in 2022

21 February 2022

6 min
If you're looking for a platform to help you unlock the potential of your talent, you're in the right place! What makes a team strong? Cohesion. When everyone works together, the results are always better. Aligning your employees to your organization’s goals is crucial, but knowing your employees is imperative. Do you agree? Below you will find the top 10 Cegid-Talentsoft features and functionalities for simplifying HR processes to help you: Recruit, Hire, Train, Engage, Reward, Retain, Repeat.

Leverage your Employees’ Networks to Recruit New Talent while you Reward them for Referrals:

  1. Networks: Employee networks help create social bonds that are important for communication and trust – and they can be invaluable when it comes to finding new talents. Leveraging your employees’ networks with referral programs is an excellent way to better engage your employees and to strengthen your teams with qualified talents.

  1. Cegid-Talentsoft’s Referral application allows your employees to refer talents in a very simple and fun way. They can easily browse the list of positions open to employee referrals and recommend a candidate in a few clicks. All they need to do is to fill in a few fields and send a message to the recruiter in charge. Thanks to our gamification features, employees can keep track of their referral points and exchange them for fun rewards. A bottle of champaign anybody?

Behold Cegid-Talentsoft Onboarding:

  1. Onboarding is key to engaging employees from day one. It is important to structure the Onboarding process in order to engage new hires right from the start (even before their first day) through a centralized and personalized onboarding experience. With our dedicated portal, new hires can access everything they need (even before joining the company) to complete their profile, track their onboarding checklist, follow up on their objectives, and learn more about the company culture. From their side, recruiters and managers are able to create custom forms, share useful links, assign relevant actions & training, and track each new hire’s onboarding status to ensure that employees are enjoying a positive experience, even while working remotely.

Know your Employees with The Employee File in Cegid Talentsoft Hub:

  1. The employee file in Cegid-Talentsoft Hub allows you to consolidate all your employees’ administrative data. This data is recorded and tracked in real time, allowing you to focus on the human aspect of managing employees, by capturing all the significant events and key moments in each employee’s personal or professional life – for example, a change in family status.

During the COVID crisis, employees have been encouraged to become more autonomous, especially when it comes to managing their own data. Thanks to Employee Self-Service, they can leverage this autonomy and update their administrative situation in a dedicated interface.

Fostering autonomy also means putting employees in the driver’s seat of their career.

  1. Say Goodbye to Annual Performance Reviews and Hello to Continuous Conversations:

Keep in touch with your employees – Continuous Conversation is a great way to bring employees and their managers closer together, and to make sure everyone understands the value and impact of their personal contribution to the organization.

With check-ins, your employees and managers can prepare the topics they want to discuss and start their one-on-one directly from the application.

They can, for example, discuss objectives and progress, add contributors to specific projects or provide co-workers with in-context feedback, thus nurturing a real culture of collaboration and teamwork.

Before leaving the check-in meeting, managers can add concluding notes in order to keep track of next steps and plan the next check-in in order to ensure regular interactions.

Leverage HR Data Analytics to Obtain Insights About your Top Talent

How can leaders and HR departments best analyze and differentiate high performers/high potentials from those that are not adding to the bottom line?

First, understand what makes them high performers/high potentials > Identify the skills (hard and soft skills) they have in common. It is important to have a dynamic skill graph to map employee skills. Mapping skills allows HR to identify the key skills in the organization that drive its success, but also identify skill gaps to create upskilling/reskilling plans for other employees who are not in the high performers category

  1. Dynamic skills graph: Skills are fundamentals in the ever-changing world of work. We have chosen to focus our efforts on developing intelligent skills management services to help organizations reference, categorize and identify skills. In order to find, develop and grow talent in the most agile way possible, companies need to know what skills their employees have and what skills they will need in the future.

  1. Cegid-Talentsoft’s skills services are based on a classification of thousands of unique skills referenced across millions of businesses in all industries. The related skills graph allows you to manage the existing skills repositories of our client organizations and also determine the links that exist between synonymous competencies. Our goal is to provide an exhaustive view of the skills and competencies available in organizations, thanks to the data continuously collected within all of Cegid-Talentsoft’s HR applications (Hub, Talent Management, Learning, Recruitment), and to create a unique place for each employee to showcase their skills.

  1. Talent profile: Talent Profile consolidates information about an organization’s employees, from past work experience and training to development that helps you offer them new roles and opportunities that match their skills. What’s great about this? Succession plans can also be defined during this process. The Cegid-Talentsoft solution automatically suggests and manages potential successors who can be manually designated by users.

Managers have a key role in identifying high performers/high potentials, but they need a framework and tools to do so. Feelings are important, but it is also important to give managers guidelines and structured criteria to assess employees.

  1. Talent grid: The Talent Grid provides a centralized and simplified view of talents in the form of a customizable pre-filled grid that embeds information coming from your previously-completed HR processes (Appraisals, Talent Reviews, etc.) such as performance ratings, departure risks, and mobility and training preferences.

The pre-fill system allows managers and HR to:

  • Save time in collecting information for the Talent Review process
  • Quickly follow up on development actions
  • Make enlightened decisions while complying with the process
  • Increase data quality by avoiding duplicates


  1. Talent Box allows users to see the distribution of company talents across selected analytical dimensions (for example, Potential vs. Performance, or Departure Risk vs. Impact on Organization). This comprehensive talent-review display allows users to compare talents, locate a talent within the Talent Box, and arrange or rearrange talents simply by dragging-and-dropping them as necessary. With Talent Box, you can:
  • Recognize the potential of every person: identify each employees’ skills and bring them together around common goals.
  • Encourage teamwork, create collaborative spaces and encourage interactions to drive your team forward.
  • Provide good development opportunities that will help fuel the ambitions of your employees and the success of your organization.

The bottom line:

Let 2022 be a year of new mindsets:

  • Evaluate employees more effectively within a culture of feedback and ongoing conversation that makes the evaluation of skills and goals more successful.
  • Promote opportunities: Providing internal mobility opportunities and cross-disciplinary projects allows each person to be proactive in their development.
  • Offer good content: Ready-to-use or created yourself, offer your employees personalized training materials.
  • The data from all your HR processes is a gold mine. Make the most of it and take better decisions.
  • Personalize the employee experience like never before. Use your data fully to create an engaging and personalized digital experience.
  • Our flexible and secure software integrates seamlessly with your existing tools and applications.
  • Provide a global vision to give your managers the best recommendations. Help them make informed decisions backed by embedded analytics and HR Data.
  • Prepare to reinvent your methods, workspaces and teams right now. An agile and global HR platform will help you in this challenge.
  • Prepare for the future: Anticipate future jobs and skills to adapt your recruitment and development plans.
  • Transform to adapt: Make your organization more agile and take decisions more quickly thanks to real-time analysis.

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