Retail the New Way

New ways to sell, serve and fulfil with Cegid Retail’s cloud-native POS and Unified Commerce Platform for specialty retailers.


NEW! Retailers, set a new pace for your business

Cegid Retail Live Store is a new generation of collaborative in-store apps, designed to make customer journeys smoother and help deliver the most efficient omnichannel experience.

Cegid Retail

Cegid Retail is a cloud-native POS and Unified Commerce platform. Over 1,000 retailers across 75 countries rely on Cegid Retail to help them unify all sales channels in real-time, optimise inventory and empower store associates to deliver a personalised brand experience.

  • Augmented Experience

    Augmented Experience

    Integrate new ways of shopping and deliver an omnichannel customer experience

  • Optimised Inventory

    Optimised Inventory

    Streamline merchandise operations, serve and fulfil from multiple locations

  • Local Worldwide

    Local Worldwide

    Open stores and develop your sales worldwide thanks to our world-ready compliant solutions

Set a new pace for your business with Cegid Retail Live Store

Simpler, faster and more efficient.

Cegid Retail Live Store is a new generation of collaborative in-store apps available on any device and any operating system. The solution helps store associates elevate the in-store experience and simplify complex omnichannel shopping journeys and enables IT teams to deploy new features and services faster and more frequently, thanks to continuous innovation and continuous deployment.


New ways to digitise your stores and re-think the new
shopping experience with the Cegid Innovation Store.

Cegid Cloud : Inspired by your Business, Ready for you

Using a cloud infrastructure and management solutions that are permanently available, easy to access and quickly scalable to meet your needs, it is possible to secure your business continuity and develop a more responsive organization.

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