The Playbook of Unified Commerce

How to increase growth and profitability by turbocharging the transformation of your retail business. Learn more


Gartner Guide 2018

Access the guide for full market findings and a detailed evaluation of Cegid and other representative vendors. Learn more


RIS Software LeaderBoard 2017: Full Report

The annual RIS Software LeaderBoard cuts through the marketing hype and evaluates technology vendors in head-to-head rankings and top-10 lists based on customer satisfaction, i.e. retailer satisfaction. Learn more


The Keys to Successful International Expansion

Download the Cegid International insights paper for practical tips and advice. Learn more


Clienteling & CRM: The Key Factors for Luxury Success

With clienteling and sophisticated CRM, luxury retailers can now deliver exclusive customer service, perfect their customer retention and growth strategies and deliver a global, unified and memorable brand experience. Learn more


5 Trends Defining Luxury Retail in 2016

Cegid and Adyen have teamed-up to bring you the Top 5 Luxury Retail Trends for 2016. The luxury retail world is changing at a rapid rate and it's important to… Learn more


Cloud POS Software for Retail Stores

Introducing Yourcegid Retail, the industry’s most comprehensive, cloud enabled Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) and Merchandise Management solution tailored to fit the ever challenging and fast changing retail economy. Learn more


The Salesperson’s New Role

All retail experts agree that sales staff are now the key element of every sales strategy. They are the customer’s contact point with the brand, representing the brand and passing… Learn more

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