Talent management

The Ultimate Guide for Building an RFP for Talent Acquisition in 3 Steps.

The art of building an RFP for a Talent solution. Download this full guide that includes top questions on features and functionalities, drafts for scripted…

22 May 2020

Talent management

Cegid Learning – For Astute Talent Management And Retention

Download this report to learn How a Learning Management System enables today’s corporations to train and develop your talent to the maximum -Features and modes…

11 Mar 2020


Ship-from-store and the new omnichannel services

Are you loooking to learn more on the omnichannel services including ship-from-store, click-and-collect and endless aisle? Read our expert paper!

28 Feb 2020


Retail Distributed Order Managment

How to deploy a successfull omnichannel order orchestration strategy? Read our ebook to find out!

13 Feb 2020


The IHL OMS Market Guide 2019

OMS vendors in the spotlight: Retailers looking to invest in an Order Management System (OMS) will find a wealth of information in this analytical report…

16 Dec 2019

Talent management

Talent Management: more important than ever to your business and its ROI

How can you grow the capital investment and stakeholder engagement required to place your organization at the top of an ever-increasing list of opportunities when…

31 Jul 2019

Talent management

New rules in Retail Talent Management

Recruiting, training and motivating sales people to retain and refine their performance provides a real competitive advantage. Let's take a look at what research has…

5 Jul 2019


In the Luxury Universe: Focus on Global Proximity, Service and Selling Ceremony

Consumers are looking for unparalleled service that makes them feel rewarded, recognized, and inspired. This ebook offers an insightful view of how.

20 Jun 2019

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