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We help HR and IT leaders to drive transformation in organisations of any size, and to improve productivity thanks to a global, connected HCM platform.

Unlock your teams’ power

What makes a team strong? Its cohesion. When everyone works together, the results are always better.

  • Engage from the time of the recruitment process: develop your candidate relationships to attract the best talent at the right time.
  • Recognise the potential of every person: identify each employees’ skills and bring them together around common goals.
  • Encourage team working: create a collaborative space and encourage interactions to drive your team forward.

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Move forward together

Providing good development opportunities will help fuel the ambitions of your employees and the success of your organisation.

  • Evaluate more effectively: a culture of feedback and ongoing conversation makes the evaluation of skills and goals more objective.
  • Promote opportunities: exposing internal mobility opportunities and cross-disciplinary projects allows each person to be proactive in their development.
  • Offering good content: Ready to use or created yourself, offer your employees personalised training materials.

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Your data in service to your strategy

The data from all your HR processes are a gold mine: make the most of it and take better decisions.

  • A personalised employee experience: use your data fully to create an engaging and individualised digital experience.
  • Easy integrations: our flexible and secure software integrates seamlessly with your existing tools and applications.
  • A global vision: to give your managers the best recommendations, help them take a step back with embedded analytics.

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The future is now

Prepare to reinvent your methods, working spaces and teams, right now. Your agile and global HR platform will help you in this challenge.

  • Reinvent your processes: take a step back and identify the improvements your processes need. Reinvent them to optimise them.
  • Prepare for the future: anticipate future jobs and skills to adapt your recruitment and development plans.
  • Transform to adapt: make your organisation agile and take decisions more quickly, thanks to real-time analysis.

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Cegid Cloud : Inspired by your Business, Ready for you

Using a cloud infrastructure and management solutions that are permanently available, easy to access and quickly scalable to meet your needs, it is possible to secure your business continuity and develop a more responsive organization.


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