Increase sales with Mobile POS


7 out of 10 customers abandon their purchases because the queue was too long.*

*Source: Adyen Study

Your sales staff can now accompany your customers throughout their purchase.

Retailers that have adopted mobility solutions with Cegid:

Consumer expectations have changed. Today’s consumer is increasingly demanding and connected. In the omnichannel era, entering a shop needs to be an experience in its own right.

This is why stores must adapt to these changes and recognise the customer the moment they enter a store, offering a quality service and minimising waiting times for payments.

The goal is to smooth out the shopping process and offer a seamless experience.

Adopting a mobile in-store solution will allow your sales staff to be better equipped and create a personalised relationship with your customers, recommending products related to their tastes and purchase history. For a seamless shopping experience, mobile payments will counter long queues.

And access to a centralised view of your inventory will allow sales associates to never miss a sale by locating the merchandise in real time and offering omnichannel services to your customers.

Never miss a sale

Offer your customers a personalized, seamless shopping experience in-store, anywhere in the world – and never miss a sale.

Increase sales with Mobile POS

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