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China has the world’s largest apparel market, reaching €348,700M in 2020* and is now the leading luxury market in the world, with an 20% overall share of the global luxury market in 2020*. According to Inside Retail’s Asia Retail Outlook 2021, groups such as Hermes and LVMH posted results up between 25-43%, largely driven by China. So, if China is part of your international growth strategy for 2021, this guide may help.


Free yourself from legal constraints

Cegid Retail is a global POS and unified commerce platform that guarantees compliance in China.

Some of the brands we support in China

Expert insight on local regulations and best practices on retailing in China.


Comply with China’s retail practices

Tmall and Marketplaces, WeChat and Social Selling, Alipay, Wosai and Contactless Payment, Cegid Retail meets the local retail practices in China and is translated into both simplified and traditional Chinese.

Be inspired! Discover the latest retail trends in Shanghai.







Cegid – your global retail partner

Cegid provides global POS and unified commerce solutions to help specialty retailers deliver a seamless shopping experience. Over 1,000 retailers and 75,000 stores rely on Cegid to ensure local compliance, including:

Cegid China is ready to support you !

Our teams in Shanghai and Shenzhen are on-hand to support you. Together we’ve helped many luxury, premium and specialty retail brands develop their store operations in China.








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