Cegid Retail Live Store

Set a new pace for your business with this new generation of collaborative in-store apps, designed to make customer journeys smoother and help deliver the most efficient omnichannel experience.

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75,000 stores in 75 countries rely on Cegid to help them deliver a seamless and memorable shopping experience.

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  • Queue Busting
  • Click & Collect
  • E-reservations
  • Endless Aisle
  • Loyalty and Promotions
  • HQ and Store Collaboration via Microsoft Teams

Apps available on all devices and OS (Windows, Android, IOS).

Simplify daily life for your store associates

How can you reduce queueing times and offer your customers a more fluid shopping experience?

During peak trading times, Cegid Retail Live Store cuts the queues by enabling store associates to prepare baskets, put them on hold, and manage pre-checkout. Once the customer is ready to complete the sale, store associates can rapidly pick-up the sale and complete the transaction anywhere in the store.

An item is out of stock, so how do you avoid disappointing your customers?

Cegid Retail Live Store allows store associates to leverage digital catalogues with endless aisle. Associates can easily order items that are not available in-store and have them delivered to the store or the customer’s home, so you never miss a sale.

How can you facilitate collaboration between stores and head office?

Your store associates need to easily communicate with their team, other stores, and their teams at head office. Cegid Retail Live Store integrates with Microsoft Teams, making regular communication and collaboration easy.

How can you access customer profiles and preferences more quickly and easily?

To drive loyalty, store associates must have instant access to the customers profile, their purchase history and relevant offers and promotions in order to deliver a personalised experience. This can be managed easily in Cegid Retail Live Store!

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Cegid Retail Live Store