The IHL OMS Market Guide

OMS vendors in the spotlight: Read the IHL Order Management Market Study

Covid-19 has forced many retailers to quickly re-think their order management strategy. Services such as Click & Collect and Ship from Store have been the hero for many brands during this crisis and will continue to be as we begin to re-open our stores and adapt to a new way of retailing.

Retailers looking to invest in an Order Management System (OMS) will find a wealth of information in this analytical report from IHL Group.

This report can be used to:

  • Understand the stakes behind OMS and why this is no longer an option
  • Better understand the OMS market and global vendor landscape
  • Access analyst advice on different solutions available according to their organisation’s needs
  • Select the most suitable OMS software thanks to detailed vendor profiles


About The IHL Group

IHL Group is a global research and advisory firm helping retailers select the best possible technology for their needs. This report is a valuable resource for retailers progressing with digital transformation, towards being fully omnichannel and able to operate unified commerce across their businesses.

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“OMS has quickly become THE CORE system that allows for Unified Commerce to be successful.”

In order to succeed in omnichannel and manage stock and fulfilment efficiently, retailers are investing in the latest Order Management Systems.

Before the pandemic, IHL predicted retailer spend on this software would grow 63% from 2018 to 2023 to reach a value of US$1.16b in annual sales. The majority of growth would be in SaaS implementations which were expected to grow 182% during the period.

During and after the lockdown, we observed that retailers that already had omnichannel services in place coped better with the situation that those who did not. Based on this, investing in an Order Management Solution will likely remain a top priority for brands as they accelerate their digital transformation.

According to the IHL report:
“Cegid are one of the leaders with regards to retail specific OMS installs, with over 300 of them, and over 1,000 retail clients.”
“Cegid support the most diverse set of architectural delivery models and has one of the quickest installation times.”
“Of all the vendors we queried about their global OMS footprint, Cegid was a leader with installations in 50 countries worldwide.”