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We combine the best HR practices with the recognized expertise of our partners to meet your recruitment challenges. Whether you are looking for new talents or onboarding your new employees, benefit from our experience and know-how.

Find the Best Candidates

Cegid Talentsoft simplifies your recruitment sourcing and onboarding, choose the best way to recruit talent that best fits your team and your challenges. Easily track all your job offers and applications with a complete HR software.

Easy Interview Scheduling

With Cegid Talentsoft, easily analyze and optimize your HR management processes, such as scheduling interviews with shared calendars that allow you to find the best time to interview and automatically send an invitation to the candidate.

Easily Onboard New Talents

With Cegid Talentsoft, you have just recruited the perfect candidate, and this is just the beginning of the adventure. To quickly integrate your new employee, rely on excellent onboarding: the more you succeed in creating a motivating experience, the more your new talent will be able to reveal its full potential thanks to our new HR software.

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