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The HR management software you need to keep all your HR processes in one platform.

  • Make HR Management processes easy & simple for your teams.
  • Help HR & IT leaders transform organizations.
  • Accelerate your HR team’s performance.

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One platform for all your HR needs

Cegid Talentsoft’s human resources management software can meet your team’s needs in terms of HR administration, talent acquisition, talent management, and learning – All in one platform.

Core HR

Allocate your team’s information in one single place.

  • Flexible & secure system to save all your team’s personal data.
  • A platform suited to the challenges of organizations, even decentralized ones.
  • Harmonize and adapt all your HR management processes in one place.
  • Easily make strategic decisions for a big impact in your organization.

Talent Acquisition

Automate your entire hiring process to easily hire the best talents.

  • Simplified management, from profile selection to onboarding.
  • Track, manage & communicate easily with candidates.
  • Ensure a positive experience for both recruiters & candidates.
  • Enables you to make the right hiring decision at the right time.

Talent Management

Make your workforce grow along with your business.

  • Continuously manage your teams’ performance.
  • Keep conversations flowing & evaluate talent.
  • Provide your employees’ visibility on their careers & development.
  • Keep your employees engaged by offering them opportunities.

Learning and Training

Support your employees in their skills development.

  • Create & manage training content for each employee.
  • Automate from legal reporting and certification to budget management.
  • Pilot your employee’s progress by time, scores, answers, & more.
  • Ensure a great employee learning journey for their career development.

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