Adapting to the New Normal – Leadership in a Post COVID-19 World

How to equip your managers to lead change ?

The events of 2020 have forever changed the role of managers. And 2021 is the year to take charge of developing a new generation of leaders.

The Role of the Manager in 2021: How to Equip Your Managers to Lead Change

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Along with the pandemic, greater calls for diversity and inclusion as well as economic uncertainty have rushed pre-existing management trends. More than ever before, we need empathetic leaders to understand their people and bridge the gap between professional work and personal priorities.

Teams will no longer accept the “heroic leadership” stance that allowed those in power to make choices. The future of the workplace and that of leadership alike is one where groups get together to brainstorm based on individual needs that can aid common goals — in other words, shared leadership.

We now know that this fast-paced environment requires managers to be both learners and teachers as they adapt to new challenges. We’re looking at combining the use of technology with (soft) skills acquisition so managers can develop a people-first approach to their own work.

For a closer look at how the manager’s role has changed and what you can expect in the future, check out our latest ebook, The Role of the Manager in 2021, available now!

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