Planning your company’s future for 2024 : Expectations have changed. Is your HR strategy adjusted ?

At every stage of the employee journey, an optimized experience can significantly change the way your employee views your company. For HR departments, it’s a real challenge to adapt to the new labor market, in order to recruit the best talents, retain them and keep them! To help you in this quest for the rare pearl, we have developed an ebook for HR teams who want to know more about the new world of work, from the job offer to the departure of your employee, through his experience in your company.

Future of Work

The latest news on the job market

In France, the turnover has almost quintupled in 30 years. We notice that there is a strong desire of talents to evolve and to constantly change position, tasks, or company. This better understanding of your employees’ expectations can help you retain them and keep them in your organization.

Learn about the current labor market and how you can adapt to these new rules to reduce turnover in your company.

Align your strategy with each stage of the user journey

In order to keep, build, and create engaged and connected teams, it is critical to form and develop a real strategy at the HR team level. A few key steps and tips can help you implement strategies at each stage of the employee journey to keep your employees happy from the beginning to the end of their experience.

Technical solutions available to help HR departments

Have you ever thought about analyzing your HR data? To keep your talents, you need to understand and know them first. To do this, many tools exist today to analyze your teams and employees and highlight the key competencies and skills that make your organization successful. You can also more easily identify the blocking points that can prevent your company from evolving and keeping your talents.

We’re here to tell you all about the essential technical and software solutions to adopt for your business in 2022.

Continue to build and preserve your ecosystem for tomorrow

With all the solutions and advice we offer, you can continue to build your ecosystem and keep it as long as possible. This will allow you to improve the detection, development, and evolution of your talent.

To learn more and optimize your HR strategy for the long term, download our complete eBook now.

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