HR & Technology: 3 focus areas for 2021

For businesses of all shapes and sizes, 2020 brought challenges few would have predicted. In navigating a difficult year, innovative organizations have seen the opportunity to shift strategies around organizational effectiveness and shine a spotlight on employees, giving them new ways to drive greater impact in everything they do.

HR & Technology: 3 focus areas for 2021

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It’s obvious for all to see that technology is playing an ever-increasing role in the way we do business and interact with one another on a daily basis. With the majority of knowledge workers continuing to work remotely at the start of this new year, the growing feeling is that many organizations will never return to ‘the old normal’. A mix of physical and digital (or ‘phygital’) working is here to stay and is raising important questions about organizations’ technology investments. While technology should never be seen as a strategy unto itself, the right technology investment could be the catalyst your organization needs to build future success.

But in a sea of solutions, gadgets, and promising opportunities, where should you put your focus in 2021? Given the market context, we find ourselves in at the beginning of 2021, and the unique challenges organizations face, what key technology focus areas should be a priority?

In this checklist, we focus on 3 key topics:

Discover actionable steps on each emerging technology area as well as links
to more information and detailed research.