Diversity, Resilience and the Multigenerational Workforce

How to make your organization more diverse and inclusive?

Diversity, Resilience and the Multigenerational Workforce


Did you know that diverse and inclusive teams have been shown to make better decisions 87% of the time?

Diverse and inclusive teams help foster innovation, especially when facing unprecedented business challenges.
In our latest checklist, you will discover ways you can build diverse teams and create a more inclusive work environment!

We all know that in times of crisis, issues like diversity and inclusion are often pushed to the sidelines in order to deal with more short-term, “business critical” projects. But that’s not the best approach. D&I is no longer a “nice-to-have” in the best of times. It’s a critical differentiator in how companies innovate for the new challenges they face.

When you bring a group of unique individuals together to work towards a common goal, you set up your organization for success. Not only do diverse teams make better decisions, they are also more innovative and resilient in the face of new challenges.

With organizations continuing to face unprecedented disruption at the start of 2021, this has never been more important.

Diversity and Inclusion

Your company may be diverse, but does everyone have a voice? Is everyone’s voice being heard? Harnessing diversity is good for business, but it’s no longer enough to simply ‘tick the box’ by having a diverse group of people at the table. For the well-being of employees, companies must amplify their voices and value everyone’s uniqueness. Truly listening to what your employees have to say, no matter their age, race, socio-economic background or culture, means that you genuinely understand what difference means. This will prove to be beneficial for both you and your employees alike.

The more your employees feel like they are accepted, like they belong, the greater their motivation and output is likely to be.

Find out how diversity and inclusion are interconnected, but far from interchangeable.

Furthermore, our checklist goes over how you can build diversity and inclusion into your team and even improve intergenerational teamwork.